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    block 2 blocks below event-block

    Hello, skUnity community! I am currently trying to fix a old skript from 1.11.2. I had some of those "block 2 blocks below event-block" but I quickly solved them with "block below block below event-block". Yes, that looks like shit but seems to work. But then, if I need more (in this case 12)...
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    On Block Toggle

    That toggles block, and its effect, i need an event.
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    On Block Toggle

    Hi! How can i detect when block toggles? Like lever gets pulled, piston pushed, door opens/closes etc Thanks
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    Music disks in Skript

    You can make a resourcepack with custom sounds.json
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    Farmland without water

    Category: Farming Suggested name: Goes to part of another skript Spigot/Skript Version: 1.13.2/3.2.5 What I want: I don't want farmland dry (turn to dirt) and plants can grow without water Ideas for commands: No commands Ideas for permissions: No perms When I'd like it by: Two days
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    Loop (dropped) items

    Skript Version (do not put latest): Skript 2.3.5 (dev20c) Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: 1.13(.2) --- Full Code: on rightclick on cake: if data value of clicked block is 0: send "Lautanen" loop dropped items at block above event-block: if loop-item is water bottle...
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    Solved Cake Blockstates

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    Solved Cake Blockstates

    Hi! Im using Bensku/SkriptLang's Skript. I don't know how check how much cake has been eaten. I'm trying make a plate system using cake blockstates. Thanks!
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    Normal item to food?

    Sorry, but i dont want use that way. And that needs optifine? I have an thing for diamond axe, with i can have multiple textures for one item, and other textures will show when tool is damaged
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    Normal item to food?

    The reason why i need this, i want make custom food for my RPG server with items. With diamond axe i can have many texture models.
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    Normal item to food?

    Sorry, i know, wrong section, but i dont know where put this. I want make items (in this case diamond axe) to food. With the eat animation with like steak. Sry for my bad english.
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    Play Custom Resourcepack Sound

    What type (.mp3 .ogg) sound files need to be?
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    Play Custom Resourcepack Sound

    Both didn't work. I dont have error to send (on mobile) now, but the resourcepack is not server-resourcepack on
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    Play Custom Resourcepack Sound

    Skript Version (do not put latest): 2.2 (dev36) Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: 1.12.2 --- Full Code: command /soitaääni [<text>]: trigger: play raw sound arg-1 at player with pitch 1 volume 10 send "Yritetään soittaa ääni %arg-1%" My sound file: {...
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    Category: Misc? Suggested name: TreesFall What I want: When player breaks a log block, and above it is more wood, wood above falls (even brushwoods) Ideas for commands: No cmds. Ideas for permissions: No perm. When I'd like it by: In few days
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    Script Duels - Duels | Now 2 kits

    Now in Duels Skript is 2 kits Def and bows
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    1.8 PvP on 1.12.2

    Can you send example :P.
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    1.8 PvP on 1.12.2

    I dont have any code. But is it possible ? I need this fast on my kitpvp / duels server
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    Remove {_variable} blaze powder from player

    Code: if {_tapa} is "talleta": set {_stoneamount} to amount of blaze powder in player's inventory if {_stoneamount} is {_maara}: remove {_maara} blaze powder from {_p} add {_maara} to {%{_tili}%::saldo} else: remove {_stoneamount} blaze powder from {_p} add...
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    Stamina/Oxygen Helmet

    I will do it. But in not good at NBT tag's so i need help about it