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  1. ImEnzo

    Solved Help with this code it dont works

    Thanks it worked!! Thank you very much :)
  2. ImEnzo

    Solved Help with this code it dont works

    Thanks but it wont work when i type /kündigen that i can choose again the job Bürger :(
  3. ImEnzo

    Solved Help with this code it dont works

    command /job: trigger: send "&cWähle einen Job aus:" json("%player%", "&a&oBürger||ttp:&lAuswählen!||cmd:/bürger") command /bürger: trigger: if {jobcounter} is "1": send "&cLoliRPMC &8>> &cDu hast bereits einen Job gewählt!" stop...
  4. ImEnzo

    Help with a command.

    Ehm, still not working, but btw why [<player>] after command /reward-purchase: I just want that someone uses the command "/reward-purchase" and gets the message "it worked" not "/reward-purchase Notch" only at the command "/reward-purchase-admin" must be player name behind the command because it...
  5. ImEnzo

    Help with a command.

    Thanks! It doesn't work it says this command doesn't have any arguments
  6. ImEnzo

    Help with a command.

    May I ask why "::*" ? And it still dont work: command /reward-purchase: trigger: if {*} true send "&7It worked!" set {*} to false command /reward-purchase-admin <player>: trigger: set...
  7. ImEnzo

    Help with a command.

    So yeah first hey :) I was a long time inactive at the computer and I want to start with skript again! ;) What I need: If someone with the permissions reward.admin use this command: /reward-purchase-admin <player>: and types in <player> the name of the player that the command...
  8. ImEnzo

    Solved Help? xd

    Already solved thanks.
  9. ImEnzo


  10. ImEnzo

    Solved Help? xd

    So I was for a very very very long time not on pc and I lost all my knowledge from script, but when I try to run my old scripts and new scripts it says something like this: There doesn't exist a material with id 217! (,line 387 :chorus(_: ) plants = 199`)
  11. ImEnzo

    On quit of Server

    I need a plugin like this: if a player left the server hes inventory need to be cleared! i tried it with console but it dont works, and i cant find a effect like this :/ ++ I need something in it too Like: when i click on a skull named "&a&lFriends" then make player execute command "/friend...
  12. ImEnzo

    Solved Buying items with this System

    Hey i want to Add Something on Mad's Skript for my Server (He has the Credits). I want that: If i buy something with a command then i need to lose the Price of the Coins from my Balance. Heres the Code from Mad: #Official Skript of Mad #Copyright [2017 Mad] #Version: 1.0 Beta # ___...
  13. ImEnzo

    Script EssentialsRELOADED / GER and ENG

    ImEnzo submitted a new resource: EssentialsRELOADED / GER and ENG - Recommed for Vanilla Server with Plugins (First uploaded Script since Years) Read more about this resource...
  14. ImEnzo

    Script EssentialsRELOADED / GER and ENG 1.0

    is a Script where you can use some Standard stuff like from Essentials, its just maked for some Vanilla Server with not much Plugins. /essentialsreloaded - Shows Infos /ban - Bans a Player /unban - Unbans a Player /kill - Kills a Player /enablepvp - Enables PvP /disablepvp - Disables PvP...
  15. ImEnzo

    Solved Skript Plugin

    Can anyone send me Skript and Skquery? The links dont works by docs. NVM SOLVED!
  16. ImEnzo

    Supporter Rank

    Well, the new Forum looks nice and i heard from the Reset, but why is my Supporter Rank gone? :emoji_slight_smile: