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  1. Z

    Cancel Event Help

    I dont know how that would work
  2. Z

    Solved Hide armors, weapon stats

    if you are using set slot, or format slot of your GUI, do this format/set slot .... iron sword with all flags hidden named "whatever you want" Basically just add with all flags hidden. If it didnt work install skbee (addon) if it doesnt work look for other addons like SkRayFall Or Skellet
  3. Z

    Solved Hide Flags

    Alr Jake, Could u perhaps add me on discord (Zak_Not_Zach_2468) For a better conversation, if we manage to find a solution ill post it here thx for ur time btw. Hey Uh I installed SkBee and now it works I did the "with all flags hidden" thing Thanks!
  4. Z

    Cancel Event Help

    command /kb <number>: permission: op usage: /kb [values] trigger: so only oped players can do it
  5. Z

    Solved Hide Flags

    If I add the | with nbt "{Hideflags:63}" | everything below this line of text stops working so the whole gui pretty much stops functioning thats why I am asking for help Cuz i tried tens of solutions none work, myabe its my server or smth Is this what u meant? set slot 13 of...
  6. Z

    Solved Hide Flags

    Skript Version 2.6 Minecraft Server Version 1.17.1 Issue: I need to be able to hide all possible flags from an item (Enchants, Attributes, Unbreakable, etc...) Which is in a gui My Code: on inventory click: if event-inventory = (metadata tag "recipegui" of player): cancel event...