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  1. WaxtzCraft


  2. WaxtzCraft

    Script PerWorldTabListAPI - Update #1

    Add: New dependency Fixed: Teleport
  3. WaxtzCraft

    Script ProximKitPvP - Update

    Fixed: Title of scoreboard ¡You need delete your scoreboard.yml file for this update!
  4. WaxtzCraft


  5. WaxtzCraft


  6. WaxtzCraft

    LethalGames 1.8.x a 1.11.x - [Survival, UHC Simulator & Murder(Garrys Mod o TTT)]

    ★ LethalGames Network ★ ★ ¿About us? ★ We are LethalGames a server dedicated to PvP and adventure, approximately 2 months ago online. ★ ¿How can I enter? ★ Easy, you can enter from versions 1.8 to the most current versions (1.11) using our ip: ★ ¿The server is non-premium...
  7. WaxtzCraft

    Script ProximKitPvP

    WaxtzCraft submitted a new resource: ProximKitPvP - The kitpvp used in ProximMC and LethalGames Read more about this resource...
  8. WaxtzCraft

    Script PerWorldTabListAPI

    WaxtzCraft submitted a new resource: PerWorldTabListAPI - This api is for manange the tab, for script's developers Read more about this resource...
  9. WaxtzCraft

    Script ProximKitPvP v2.3

    Top kills Scoreboard Kits Stats Auto join Shop Items Achievements Config.yml and Messages.yml Top kills in signs! And more... /kitpvp or /kp - main command. /kitpvp join - Join to KitPvP. /kitpvp leave - Leave from KitPvP. /kitpvp stats - Shows your stats in a GUI. /kitpvp stats <player> -...
  10. WaxtzCraft

    Script PerWorldTabListAPI v0.0.3

    »What is it API? This api is for mananger tab per worlds (Continuation of the Cuidabrutos project) »Usage: tab("footer", "header", world) - set the tab in an specific world tabname("player", "text") - set the tab name to an player displayname("player", "text") - set the display name to an...
  11. WaxtzCraft

    LethalGames Network, my server ;)

    LethalGames Network, my server ;)