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    Solved how to link an armor stand to the player

    Have you tried "make %insert the armor stand% ride the player"?
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    Custom Armor

    The issue is that you're checking the event-itemtype. The event item will always be the boots, whether you are equipping them or taking them off. This is because it is the item associated with the event, not the item in the player boots slot. Therefore, instead of if event-itemtype is...
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    Solved How can I prevent a loop from doing damage to the player with Skript

    Would this work? every 1 tick: loop all players: if {ram.%loop-player%} is true: loop all entities in radius 1 around loop-player where [entity is not player]: damage loop-entity-2 by 5 By the way, may I ask why you would need to separate the part of the...
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    The latest versions of SkQuery only support 1.13+. "Latest 4.1.6+ version only works with Skript 2.6.1+ and was compiled in Java 17 (MC 1.13+). If you're running 1.9-1.12 use SkQuery version 4.1.4." You should grab v4.1.4 from here:
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    Solved Local Functions?

    Hey there, in case you're still looking for a better way to make local functions: Local functions are now in Skript 2.7.0-beta1! It's still a beta though, so you might want to wait for the full release.
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    Can you try replacing lines 7-8 with this? if name of loop-item contains "&5&l64x Protection Stone": add item amount of loop-item to {count} (Also, you should replace {count} and {removed} with {_count} and {_removed} to delete the variables when the entire command has finished running.)
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    Solved (Help Needed) Potion type as variable

    Does parsing as potion effect type work?
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    Solved Inventory pickup not detecting player?

    I’m pretty sure that the event-player will only be set during a drop event, but not during a pickup event, as the item isn’t really tied to any player after it is dropped. You may have to settle with cancelling the picking up instead.
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    Messages with effects like run command dont work

    Then you’re probably better off using a custom /tellraw command, just search up tellraw generator on google.
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    How to remove specific lore of a item?

    Does it still happen when nothing is done to the lore of the item? on death of player: loop drops: if lore of loop-item contains "&7Soulbound I": remove loop-item from drops wait 5 ticks add loop-item to victim's inventory
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    How to remove specific lore of a item?

    Are you sure? This returns no errors for me: on death of player: loop drops: if lore of loop-item contains "&7Soulbound I": remove loop-item from drops set {_i} to loop-item set {_s} to size of lore of {_i} delete line {_s} of lore of...
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    How do you spawn a particle/visualeffect, at an event block? i have no plugins exept for the skript

    show smoke at the event-block to the player
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    How to remove specific lore of a item?

    Hmm, I can’t test if this works at the moment, but perhaps you can try to save the item as a (temp) variable, i.e. set {_item} to loop-item Then change the lore of that. If that doesn’t work, then I’m not really sure haha
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    How to remove specific lore of a item?

    This should work: #Delete last line set {_s} to size of lore of loop-item delete line {_s} of lore of loop-item
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    Solved Colored dust

    My bad, I don't really think skRayFall supports particle colors. You can use SkBee instead, and use this: draw 25 of dust using dustOption(rgb(100, 100, 100), 1) at {_enter} The docs for that:
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    XP Skript

    If you're talking about actual xp that is seen in the xp bar, then you could do something such as: on death: victim is not player if victim is cow: add 1 to total experience of player else if victim is enderman: add 10 to total experience of player Afaik, Skript...
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    How do I make an AOE weapon with custom health variables?

    Quite a late reply, but in spigot.yml you can easily adjust the health cap in settings -> attribute -> maxHealth.
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    Messages with effects like run command dont work

    You could use SkBee text components for this: Here's the section where it talks about events on click:
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    Solved Colored dust

    I believe you would need skRayFall for that, here's the docs for that specific effect: