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    Prefix/Suffix help

    I need help with a little something. I have this code: make all players see loop-player's prefix as "%{prefix.%loop-player%}% " But there's no way to then also set the suffix as far as i know. They can't both be set at the same time. So that means this wouldnt work: make all players see...
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    Teamed mobs

    I need help with a skript. I have it done except this part. I need the mobs spawned via mob eggs not target the player that spawned them so the player and mob can work together. If you need my full code just ask!
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    Teamed mobs

    I have a complete skript done, Except that part. anyway i will do that thnx.
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    Teamed mobs

    I have no clue on how to do this. I have a couple of kits that include mobs. Now i need those mobs to not attack the player who spawned it. So that the player can fight other players while the spawned mob helps the player. Thanks in advance
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    Multiple Lobby System

    You'd need bungee and a bungee addon.
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    Create a hologram with a skript variable showing

    You can in fact just write %{kills.%player%}%, But you'd have to do it in a skript. I believe there's an addon that has events related to holograms
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    It leaves no animal or monster to spawn.

    /gamerule MobSpawning or something like that. You could also try using this on spawn: cancel event
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    Solved Placeholders

    It's actually because you use "player" instead of "loop-player". You need to use the looped player because otherwise the loop wouldnt be used at all.