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    Most Damage Player wins? skript-reflect is a reflection addon that allow you to call methods from skript
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    Most Damage Player wins?

    You can use skript-reflect to get the damage from the event with the following method. #On damage event event.getDamage() # Gets the raw amount of damage caused by the event
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    Problem with inventory click

    The "on inventory click" event only have the following event-values: event-clicktype, event-itemtype, event-slot, event-world, event-inventory, event-player, event-inventoryaction, event-string But you can use one of the following methods to get a ItemStack from the event. You can use this...
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    Solved region/location condition

    You can use the region at %location% and check for the region in the list returned.
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    Gen skript not working

    what isn't working? do you get a error? And please use a code block for your code.
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    How to make an armor piece that gives health?

    try: set health of loop-player to health of loop-player +1
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    Problem with a variable

    where do you send the varible, because you would have to send it from the same command since its a local varible.
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    It isn't an error it is a warning. It gives you that warning because arg-2 is of type string and dosen't have to be put in "%%"
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    Need help with skript-reflect packet

    Do you have protocollib on your server to help with the packet stuff? If not you need to use NMS for packets.
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    GUI with homes

    You could use skript-reflect to hook into essentials and do something like this: import: org.bukkit.Bukkit command /test: trigger: set {_essentials} to Bukkit.getServer().getPluginManager().getPlugin("Essentials") if {_essentials} is set: set {_user} to...
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    Disable firework damage?

    I haven't tested this but it should work. command /test: trigger: launch ball large coloured red, purple and white fading to light green and black at player's location with duration 1 set metadata value "cancelDamage" of last spawned firework to true on damage: if...
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    Disable firework damage?

    You could give the firework a nbt tag and check for it in on damage event.
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    Need help with skript-reflect packet

    Do you use ThatPacketAddon or MundoSK or do you want to do it with only skript-reflect?
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    Need help with skript periodic events

    You're varible {timer.loop-player} should be {timer.%loop-player%}. When you do {timer.loop-player} the varible name is "timer.loop-player". When you do {timer.%loop-player%} the varible name is "timer.playername"
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    region enter script

    You can use the replace effect to replace "in world world". set {_rg} to "%region%" set {_region} to replace "in world world" in {_rg} in with ""
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    How can i make an animated Crate?

    You need to change all the "format gui slot". here is a guide on how to use set slot:
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    because the latter is not an object error?

    The sort expression requires a list/array of objects, not a single object. {hits_deal::%attacker's uuid%} is a single object not a list.
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    How can i make an animated Crate?

    I have this old casino script, here is the rolling part: loop 30 times: set {_random} to a random integer between 0 and 1000 #broadcast "%{_random}%" if {_random} is between 0 and 450: add 1 of iron block named...
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    Multishot Bow

    Try using this effect:
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    Need help with skript periodic events

    The %% is used for getting a string value and the effect you are using requires a player not a string, so try removing the %%: send action bar "&4You are in combat, don't log out! &4&l%{timer}% seconds remain" to loop-player NOTE: the "send action bar" effect you are using requires skellet.