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  1. MatthiasLettner

    Help with seconds and minutes and hours in Scoreboard

    Hello, is it possible to change my code that the Time is not seconds, minutes and hours because it is way to long. Maybe is it possible like: 1m 1s or somting like that... Code: options: p: &8» &x&0&8&4&c&f&bS&x&0&e&6&b&f&cy&x&1&5&8&9&f&ds&x&1&b&a&8&f&dt&x&2&2&c&6&f&ee&x&2&8&e&5&f&fm &8┃...
  2. MatthiasLettner

    How to use MySQL on 1.20.1 Server

    Hey, how to add MySQL and what are the prefixes for this? Iam trying to make a curency System with it but it will not work. I am asking: What is the best addon to use? (MongoDB is not working on my server) How to make it and what are the variabled?