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    Loop range??

    hello, thank you! I was thinking there was not possible, which make me create python binds for skript haha Your example is so much simple compared to my solution I'm using skutilities to make this thing work
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    Loop range??

    simple question but those days google is a mess, and chatGPT is broken on demand. question: how do I make a loop in a range, like this: loop 10 to 20: or loop in range 10..20: This is a very useful thing, but can't find solution, I already saw the documentation.
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    Solved Sidebar not working

    Maybe some conflict of plugins(you should remove one by one to find what is the problem in this case) or incompatible version of plugin with MC version
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    Solved Sidebar not working

    look my example and change what you want. You need install skRayFall module options: server: &aServerName every 2.3 seconds: loop all players: set {_online} to number of all players wipe loop-player's sidebar set name of sidebar of loop-player to "{@server}" set score "&7&m--------------------"...
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    Just a question

    Some years ago I used skript in 1.10.2, but now I'm really confused because the syntax seems more static. It really happened compared to latest release? I can't script easy anymore, there's some addon or something to make expressions more flexible?
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    Hide doesn't work on join ?

    if {mode.control.%event-player%} is "false": if {mode.control.ismob.%{cm.currentplayer}%} is "CM:Player": broadcast "asd" broadcast "%{cm.currentplayer}%" hide {cm.currentplayer} from event-player The condition sequence its ok, because it broadcast...
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    gui lock status breaking.

    Anyone knows if "/skript reload scripts" break the "set the gui-lock-status to true" ? I'm testing guis from skript-gui, and I don't know if gui lock status break in a random circunstance or when I reload the scripts. Thanks.
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    Solved This is a bug or I'm doing something wrong?

    on join: set {chat::spigotcolors::*} to "&1", "&2", "&3", "&4", "&5", "&6", "&7", "&8", "&9", "&a", "&b", "&c", "&d", "&e" and "&f" set {chat::colors::*} to "<dark blue>", "<dark aqua>", "<dark red>", "<dark purple>", "<gold>", "<gray>", "<dark gray>", "<light blue>", "<dark green>"...
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    Tempban Skript <none>

    Full code
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    Tempban Skript <none>

    Post as a code, with identation or no one will help you
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    Skript help

    Wrong section, try in request
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    Solved Command Variables

    You're welcome :emoji_relieved:. I'm working in this command yet, to better a bit. But, it's not guaranteed that I will post here again. command actest <string> <string> <string> <string>: permission: op trigger: set {_x} to x-coordinate of player set {_y} to...
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    Solved Command Variables

    command actest: permission: op trigger: set {_y} to y-coordinate of player set {_x} to x-coordinate of player set {_z} to z-coordinate of player add 4 to {_x} add 4 to {_z} execute console command "/minecraft:tp @e[name=Bob] %{_x}% %{_y}%...
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    Solved Command Variables

    Still outputting error ?
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    Solved Command Variables

    execute console command "/minecraft:tp @e[name=Bob] {_loc}"
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    Solved Command Variables

    You have identate it ? command actest: permission: op trigger: set {_loc} to player's location add 4 to x of {_loc} add 4 to z of {_loc} execute console command "/minecraft:tp [name=Bob] {_loc}" What line ?
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    Solved Command Variables

    command actest: permission: op trigger: set {_loc} to player's location add 4 to x of {_loc} add 4 to z of {_loc} execute console command "/minecraft:tp [name=Bob] {_loc}"
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    How to prevent chest merge into a double chest ?

    Hi everybody! It's not possible to detect a double chest with precision, because if I check if one block to south, west, north or east is a chest to detect a double chest, it would fail due it's possible to place a normal chest next to another without merge since 1.13 if I'm not mistaken. There...
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    "every 1 minute" Outputting an error

    What is the minimum and the maximum border size? I need to know to fix this code for you