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  1. J

    How to break blocks below player in a radius?

    So I'm making a script where blocks will be set to air below the player for a challenge. I've got this part figured out, but if the player stands on the edge of a block it won't disappear, just the one next to it, and I'm looking for a solution every 0.15 seconds in "SkriptTest": loop all...
  2. J

    Random Mobs

    Im tryna make a gamemode where it says a random mob in chat and you have to kill it. any ideas? Basically block shuffle with mobs
  3. J

    Saddled Horse

    ty meep from phineas and ferb
  4. J

    Saddled Horse

    so im tryna make an item make the player ride a saddled horse but cant get it to work on left click: player is holding carrot on a stick: make player ride a saddled horse I know saddled pig works but not horse, also tamed horse aswell if that is possible thanks newest version...
  5. J

    Solved How to add a cooldown to a click skript

    your one cooldown is letting me do so much! ive made a feather that lets you fly for 5 seconds because of it!
  6. J

    Solved How to add a cooldown to a click skript

    now it says you have to wait but the cooldown never resets nvm there was just improper spacing wait nope now nothing happens NVM I GOT IT YAY i actually have an improvement to ur skript, on second line do "player is holding a golden hoe named "&6Launcher" that way it HAS to be a golden hoe no...
  7. J

    Solved How to add a cooldown to a click skript

    mc version 1.16.2 skript version most recent This is the skript so far i wanted to add a 3 second cooldown, how could i? also if i could make it so the golden hoe has to be named a certain thing thatd be great :emoji_grinning: (i did the spacing wont show for some reason) edit: only addon i...