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    Problem With Variables

    but it's fine if it doesn't exist because then it just won't do anything i thought also can you put changes in it?
  2. C

    Problem With Variables

    why do i need the index?
  3. C

    Help me please

    you can modify the advancments in 1.12, not sure how to do it or if skript can do it but you can do it without skript try use this:
  4. C

    Problem With Variables

    i am trying to recreate parts of skyfactory like silkworms and i have tried to do it but i can't get it to work properly on right click: if {Running} is equal to 1: if targeted block is oak leaves: if distance between targeted block and player is less than or equal to 5...
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    Solved GUI ban skript not running commands

    for some reason the skript just ran fine, the gui opened how it should even though i didn't change anything
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    Solved GUI ban skript not running commands

    i added a debug message after the make gui slot 0 with diamond named "&cX-Ray" with lore "": but it didn't run
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    Solved GUI ban skript not running commands

    i've been making a gui ban skript or my server for a few hours and i can't get it to run commands anymore it worked fine before but it just stopped working for some reason i am using skript 1.14 thanks for any help here is the skript command /punish <offline player>: permission: sc.punish...