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    Addon Facsk

    Does this addon support 1.8
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    Randomly errors in console!

    Can $ thread make this error?
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    Randomly errors in console!

    Hello! I get this error randomly in console, can some one explain to me why i get this error code in my console?
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    Help with error code
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    Error code

    Some one can tell me why i get this error code some times? 25.07 14:25:45 [Server] WARN java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.NullPointerException 25.07 14:25:45 [Server] WARN at 25.07 14:25:45 [Server] WARN at...
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    Help with an error

    I have set skript to debug mode: The error code from console: The skript:
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    Update skin of a skull

    Hello! How can i update the skin of a skull?
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    Solved MySql cannot find the highest kill?

    I use set {_id0::*} to objects in column "uuid" from result of query "SELECT * FROM `stats` ORDER BY `kills` DESC LIMIT 1 OFFSET 0". But i doest not return with the highest kill value? What do i do wrong I figguered it out. Wrong settings in PHPMyAdmin
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    Yaml nodes/list

    Hello, I'm trying to make a team skript in YAML for a kitpvp server. But how do i add some one to a YAML list and deleting a player for a YAML list?
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    TopKills from YAML stats?

    Hello. I'm admin on one of the biggest kitpvp server's in denmark. Our stats is saved in YML files, but i wanna make top 10 killers, but how do i do that
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    Anti VPN

    Category: Server Administration Suggested name: AntiVPN What I want: A skript that automaticly kicks users with a VPN and log their IP adress Ideas for commands: /vpnlist > Displays all the kicked IP's Ideas for permissions: antivpn.admin
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    Hello. What is the best option to save data in YAML files for at server with 30k+ registret users? Will it be best to create a YAML file for every single player or should i just save all the data in one file?