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    variable in option

    options: Cooldown1: "%{dashCD::%player's uuid%}%" on swap hand items: cancel event if {Dash::%player's uuid%} > 0: set {_u} to {_p}'s uuid if {dash.last1::%{_u}%} is set: set {_wait1} to difference between {dash.last1::%{_u}%} and now else...
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    particle skbee

    i want to make this command: /particle minecraft:glow_squid_ink ~ ~ ~ 0.1 100 0.1 0 2500 force in a skript but i have no idea how to convert it because i just searched particle beam on google i want that the beam spawns on a player
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    i figured it out
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    Speed on carpet

    cant understand 'on any movement' is the error im getting. i tried to do 'on player move' but that didnt work edit: i figured it out i just removed the effect when u are on a block next to the carpet or in the air on walking on red carpet: apply speed 1 to player for 1000 seconds on...
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    Speed on carpet

    i have been trying to get a player when standing on a red carper the speed effect but it doesnt work as expected i want it to only give the effect when on the red carpet so i need to deleted when u get off and i dont know how to do that because it adds the effect and then takes it away...