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  1. AZERTY44

    Solved TuSKe & SkQuery Corruption

    It's working perfectly with Vanilla GUIs Thank you so much
  2. AZERTY44

    Solved TuSKe & SkQuery Corruption

    How ? Can you explain me Please ?
  3. AZERTY44

    Solved TuSKe & SkQuery Corruption

    I need to create Menus and eventually scoreboards, I don't need SkUniversal, I know only 3 plugins who allow this, TuSKe, SkQuery and Skript-gui. Skript-gui have the same issue as TuSKe and SkQuery. If you need more info tell me
  4. AZERTY44

    Solved TuSKe & SkQuery Corruption

    Yes, I know, but even with a Patched TuSKe (pikachu patch) it's not working. Same for SkQuery
  5. AZERTY44

    Solved TuSKe & SkQuery Corruption

    Hello, I'm trying to get TuSKe and/or SkQuery on my server, but when I restart the server (1.14.4 Bukkit) with one of these, it corrupt all my scripts, like when I type a command it says "Unknown command. Type /help". And it send errors of Skript on the console: > [17:03:17] [Server...
  6. AZERTY44

    Death Swap Script

    Hello, I'm looking for a Script that can reproduce the Death Swap system of the player Dream. I tried for like 2 hours and it's not working. The script need to swap the position "randomly" of at least 2 players. So for 3 players it can be A->B, B->C and C->A or A->C, B->A and C->B Version...