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    compare 2 items while ignoring durability?

    im trying to compare 2 items and not compare their durabilty while doing so e.g: if {item::1} is {item::2}: send "same item!" to player however for example, if 1 of them is full durability and 1 is even slightly damaged they dont count as the same, if there is any way of avoiding this...
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    Solved Skript + Plotsquared being weird

    on block place: wait 1 tick if block at location of event-block is not air: had to change it to this but it works! ty
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    Solved Skript + Plotsquared being weird

    for some reason if i use "on block place:" event it still registers the block place if someone places it on the plotsquared road or another plot. not sure if this is a normal problem but i expected it to be like worldguard for example where worldguard removes the block before it registers.
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    how do you use multiple quotation marks in quotation marks

    i need help putting quotation marks in quotation marks, but not just 1 pair, say i wanted to make console do a simple tellraw command, i would do. make console execute "tellraw @a ""e""" you need to double quotations, but say i wanted to do a more complex one.such as /tellraw @p...
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    need help with making it trigger for only 1 region

    didnt work, it doesnt show an error but when i enter the region nothing happens, it might just be me
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    need help with making it trigger for only 1 region

    im trying to make it so when a player enters the region "netherportal" it teleports them to a location, here is what i have tried and it allways either says, cant understand, or that it cant compare a region with it on region enter: if region is netherportal: teleport player to...