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    Shoot snowball rendered as...

    snowballs are able to be rendered as other block/items in minecraft (screenshot from is it possible to do this in skript? this is the code ive got but doesn't work (im also using the addon SkBee) on right click with stick: shoot snowball add...
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    Solved add string to player variable

    im trying to add "text" to {test::%player's uuid%} but it doesnt seem to work command /wip: trigger: add "text" to {test::%player's uuid%} send {test::%player's uuid%} to player
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    Make player see block with nbt

    im trying to make the player see obsidian as a spawner with custom nbt ive got the addon SkBee installed every 5 ticks: loop all players: loop all blocks in radius 50 of loop-player: if loop-block is obsidian: set {_ship} to loop-block if {ship::%loop-player's uuid%}...