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    Solved Players in variables

    Hey i'm currently figuring out on how to list the players are in the variable? And very detailed. Example: Online Donators: Player, Player < players that are in the variable. If the variable has no players or its null, set the variable to " " Test Skript that i made: on join: add player...
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    Internal error occured Skript.

    ``` 07.05 00:44:18 [Server] INFO Reloading 07.05 00:44:18 [Server] WARN Unexpected exception while parsing console command "sk reload ffa" 07.05 00:44:18 [Server] INFO org.bukkit.command.CommandException: Unhandled exception executing command 'sk' in plugin Skript v2.1.2 07.05 00:44:18...
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    Particle to Victim.

    Yes, i've done resaerch. But i simply cant find any. I need something like what you see on Quake Craft. If you rightclick the hoe and your facing on the player, it will launch a particle to the victim and killing them. I already have the hoe, player killing event. Just the particle going to...
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    Solved Sit on Enderpearl.

    Hey i want to make a Skript about this for a long time now. And i still can't figure it out on how to make it. I want it if you enderpearl, you be able to sit on it if it's named "&6EnderButt" If you launch an enderpearl, you will be able to sit on it. on rightclick of edner pearl...
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    Scoreboard problem

    I'm literally insanely triggered. Everytime i make a scoreboard longer, it just makes the scoreboard won't appear Now after a few adjustments, the 1st line of the scoreboard needs to have like 3 bars only. it's just annoying, everytime i put a long line it just makes the scoreboard go autism...
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    Check if player is in water.

    Tried many codes in this one, but still can't figure it out! Yes, i've searched for a resource but still no Here's some attempt codes that i did, that are not working since Water is not a Block. on command: If block under player is water: cancel event message "&cYou cannot...
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    Check if player has multiple IP's/Alts?

    Hey! I basically wanted to know how to check if player has multiple ip's/alts? on command: "multiple alts check code:" cancel event loop all players: if player has permission "warn.staff": send "%player% is paying himself on his alt!" to loop-pkayer else: