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  1. YoshYz


  2. YoshYz

    Solved Not hurting certain players

    Use the on damage event with the damage cause condition.
  3. YoshYz

    Script RUSTZ - World support and fixes

    ❝ pre.0.5 Stable ❞ LOG ● Added: ⇢ Bring back the WORLD support. (Delete the config.yml & /rustz reload to see the new node "World:") ⇢ Combust disabled for zombies. ⇢ Now the variables inherent to the player, are taken only when the player is online and are automatically deleted when he is...
  4. YoshYz

    Script RUSTZ - Free release

    ❝ pre.0.3b Stable ❞ LOG ● Added: ⇢ Bandage. (Item) ⇢ Antidote. (Item) ⇢ Force respawn of the player. ⇢ Force gamemode SURVIVAL on join. ● (Hot)Fixes: ⇢ On player death the spawn location was missed. ⇢ On player death the player was still in-game. ⇢ The resistance buff was too high, now it...
  5. YoshYz

    Script RUSTZ

    Yes it is, wanted to post in as free & continue it as i get fun working at it. Forgot to update it here.
  6. YoshYz

    Script RUSTZ - Furnace recipe & Anvil Fixes

    ❝ pre.0.3 Stable ❞ LOG ● Fixes: ⇢ Furnace recipe & craft; ⇢ Anvil placement.
  7. YoshYz

    Script RUSTZ - Signs & Fixes

    ❝ pre.0.2 Stable ❞ LOG ● Added: ⇢ Signs.yml file; ⇢ Signs(Play & Spawn); ⇢ Spawn command. ● Fixes: ⇢ Blocked crafting menu of player; ⇢ Permission messages. Line-1: [RUSTZ] Line-2 Join/Play or Spawn
  8. YoshYz

    Script RUSTZ

    YoshYz submitted a new resource: RUSTZ - Dayz & Rust custom survival gamemode Read more about this resource...
  9. YoshYz

    Script RUSTZ pre.0.5 Stable

    This gamemode to run needs an entire server and not only a world. I advice you to create a custom map to play using world paint software. To run this script requires: - Skript (Latest version on github) - Skellett (Latest version on skunity) - SkQuery Lime Edition (Latest version on skunity)...
  10. YoshYz

    ShadeMC - Battle Royale

    SP & PREMIUM ACCESS (1.12.2) IP: Challenge all the other players in a 300x300 map, try to find loot chests, get the best weapons and be the last survivor. - "Early access, new features in the next days." (by Staff)
  11. YoshYz

    Addon Skellett - The beast addon!

    Oh sad, didn't know. World borders still works?
  12. YoshYz

    Addon Skellett - The beast addon!

    @LimeGlass Server: 1.12.2 Code: command /barrier [<player>]: trigger: set client border size of player to 5 set client border warning distance of arg-1 to 100 set client border center location of arg-1 to arg-1's location loop 10 times...
  13. YoshYz

    Making Corpses

    I will search it tonight and let you know.
  14. YoshYz

    Making Corpses

    I just sent the file to who asked me to have it.
  15. YoshYz

    Looking For Someone To Help Update A Skript

    The errors are just the spawn particle effect, you could just remove them or replace it with the new one.
  16. YoshYz

    Give a random amount of experience points to the player

    Maybe use this way if you don't want to use or add tuske on your server: command /orb: trigger: make console execute command "/xp %random integer between 1 and 1000% %player%"
  17. YoshYz

    How to make a Queue for a duel skript?

    There are many duels scripts examples around here, just search better. Just add players into a variable list, loop the variable list and match the first two loops (players) to fight. Then remove the players already matched from the list.
  18. YoshYz

    Hofu Network is Recruiting (Non-paid for now)

    He already told to me it my friend
  19. YoshYz

    Hofu Network is Recruiting (Non-paid for now)

    Wrong selection.
  20. YoshYz

    How to add skulls/heads to GUI?

    On 1.12 works without problems , just using the up to date skStuff fork: Older versions maybe are not more supported , so the best way is just to update your server and using the fork.