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    Block compression shulker

    and how would i check for emeralds/iron/whatever
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    Block compression shulker

    hi, im trying to make it so if you put 9 iron ingots in a light blue shulker box, then it removes them and places an iron block in the shulker, this is what i have so far but im getting hung up on actually getting the contents of the box on place light blue shulker box: add event-location...
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    summon item at entity

    really helpful but how do i make it work with nbt not names
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    summon item at entity

    hi! so im trying to make a script that spawns an item at another mob(in this case a chicken with specific nbt) and i cant use commands for this, so would it be possible with skript?
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    region enter script

    hi, so im new to skript and was wondering on enter region: send "Welcome to %region%!" to player how do i get it to not say in world "world", i want it to just say Welcome to spawn, or Welcome to forest