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  1. K

    How to make a Health Bar with Skript?

    I didn't know that was a way to do it. You have any example, video or something like that to recreate it?
  2. K

    How to make a Health Bar with Skript?

    Just that. I want to make a gui or hud with a Health Bar and a "Mana" bar. The health bar is supossed to be a modified texture of the hearts of player and the "Mana" bar the food bar. The problem is that i want to also add a text above both with numbers of the current HP and Mana of the player...
  3. K

    How can i use Skript variables in another plugin config?

    Basically, i want to use one of my Skript variables in the config of a plugin of Scoreboard. And i'd like learn to use a plugin variable into a Skript also. Is there a way to use a variable Skript in another plugin?
  4. K

    Crafted item slot in the inventory?

    I try this and the index slot is 0 but the first slot in the hotbar is index 0 also. So the code runs anyways if i click on any of both
  5. K

    Crafted item slot in the inventory?

    I want to make a custom item displayed in the slot of the craft station in the player inventory. What is the id of that slot?