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  1. J

    How do i make a random chance to drop an item when an ore is broken?

    Because your command code is invalid. You need to add a line after you init your command and add "Trigger:" A command should look like this: command /test: trigger: broadcast "command working" you're missing the trigger line.
  2. J

    Worldguard API help

    Never mind this was solved getting an instance of the region manager from the main class, i'll leave this here in case someone in the future needs help with this.
  3. J

    Location syntax not working in 1.15

    Hey, All this code works on my localhost on 1.14, I've uploaded it to a 1.15 server, uses all the same versions of skript and other addons. But location syntax doesn't work? has 1.15 changed how locations work. teleport loop-value to location 7, 68, -6 in world...
  4. J

    Can't make player face certain direction.

    You want to be looking at the pitch and yaw my dude, this will allow you to make the player look in a certain direction and also up and down.
  5. J

    get points along a vector

    No it won't. Anyway i got it working forgot a long time ago it all changed to meters so this works set {_Test::*} to line between location of player and location 5 meters north of player with density 1
  6. J

    get points along a vector

    Thats not how that works.. it won't create a line
  7. J

    get points along a vector

    Hello, Just wondering if it's possible to get every single point across a line, So i have location A and and B, i want to draw a straight line between A and B but get every point stored as a coordinate in a list between point A and B. Is this possible? UPDATE: Ok so didn't realise Biosphere...
  8. J

    Solved Hook Skript into a website interface

    Hit me up on discord and i'll sort this for you fred0 #7422
  9. J

    The Novex Network

    Now a complete custom unique SIEGE gamemode in the works. I plus one this ;~)
  10. J

    Make everyone say something

    Yes I got this command idea from the /loganpaul video LOL??????????????????? I'm not bent nor am i 9 years old so i've no clue what this means
  11. J

    Solved Timespan to format

    What version of skript do you use? because timespan is only displayed as hours and minutes in mine? Turns out skstuff's convert methods are broken, or some shit to do with timespans being broken as this should work i think? command /testtime: trigger: set {test} to "86460 seconds"...
  12. J

    Solved Timespan to format

    When i ran test it was a couple seconds behind and again timespans only show hours and minutes which is not ideal.
  13. J

    Solved Timespan to format

    Yeah but timespan will only display Hours and minutes. It'll display excess days and hours as decimals but is not accurate
  14. J

    Solved Timespan to format

    As i said in my post i already know about this, yet it's inconsistent very rarely displays the seconds and does not actually calculate times down to the decimals. Rounds down instead of up ect. This might be my skript version though if this is working for you i guess.
  15. J

    Solved Timespan to format

    Hello, Mans was never the best at the old mathEMATICS at school so he is stuck on problem. How does one convert X seconds into a nicely formatted Days, Hours, Minutes and seconds I get you can convert a timespan into ticks, days, hours. minutes, seconds ect. with SKstuff but only works when...
  16. J

    Paste schematic help

    YO @LimeGlass HOW DOES THIS SYNTAX WORK M8 (place|paste) schematic %string% at %locations% [[(with|at)] angle %-number%] [with limit %-number%] [[and] (without|exclud(e|ing)) air %-boolean%] paste schematic "Test" at location of event-block with limit 100 and without air false Mans is...
  17. J

    ChaoticMC Server Network

    This is because they've a fantastic team of "developers" behind them xd
  18. J

    Hiring Long-term Skilled and Efficient Skript Developer

    Did they.. fuck sake.
  19. J

    Hiring Long-term Skilled and Efficient Skript Developer

    Please don't bring fortnite into minecraft. Please don't.
  20. J

    ChaoticMC Server Network

    "Featuring developers like "I'mADeveloper" XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, This will be the best minecraft server in Africa. I can concur this server will last between 1 - 2 months then the monthly payments of 5 euros a month will be too much and it'll wither away into the darkness. " Quote this for the...