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    Hiring Long-term Skilled and Efficient Skript Developer

    Fortnite will eventually go downhill like pubg, overwatch, and other big games. Hypixel's battle royale is awful. Looks nothing like fortnite. A game like fortnite in mc has been a thing for quite awhile. It saw absolutely no "success" at all (look at hypixel's attempt).
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    crash player

    What's the point though? To be a jackass?
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    Errors in menu

    To add in, lambdas is also broken in SkQuery GUI and the clicking slot in chest GUI can also be clicked in your inventory (basically two slots that can run the same thing).
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    Skript Skript Coding Conventions

    "." is inferior to "::". This is why many people here highly recommend people to use "::" because of its ability to loop and has an organized structure.
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    Solved Problem with skript GUI

    Try making rows singular (row).
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    Solved Random broadcast...

    Simple fix, just replace player with loop-player
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    I've done what OP is doing before. No NBT is even required unless you want to modify the potion itself. Maybe you should inspect the alias file and see what is named there.
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    No, you can add integers, numbers, strings, items, etc. to the list. As long as it's a value, it can be added. Try removing the 1 from all the lines to see if it works.
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    Another stupid bug I haven't found out how to fix

    Your scripts mostly broke because Bensku's skript has slight changes to the code. They are easily fixable. At this point, nobody should be using 2.1.2 on 1.8 because there are problems with it.
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    Solved How to replace <none> with 0?

    Check if the variable is not set, then set it to 0.
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    Solved Sign text

    I'm assuming it's because Skript doesn't know what block you are trying to use in the command event. Try adding block at location rather than just block in the clear inventory line. However, I may be wrong because I've never tried this.
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    Hmm, I probably made a typo when typing the event in the document. Thanks for pointing out.
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    The event doesn't exist. What exactly are you trying to achieve with the tool? EDIT: Event does exist.
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    Replace = with is Assuming the variables are not numbers, they must be "is"
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    Solved Cant add a lore in a gui [TuSKe]

    Try replacing make with create or format. Otherwise, I'm not sure.
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    Solved Cant add a lore in a gui [TuSKe]

    Correct, my bad on that part. The code also needs a trigger to the slot. If you look in the document, it doesn't end with the name of the item. It ends with either "to do nothing" or "to run:" or any others provided in the document. Since you want to trigger the message part too, add "to run:"...
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    Solved Cant add a lore in a gui [TuSKe]

    Then provide the error.
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    Solved Cant add a lore in a gui [TuSKe]

    No because what I said is literally right there. AFTER "make gui slot 2", ADD "to player". This comes BEFORE "with diamond sword" I shouldn't even need to provide code because it's literally in the docs too,
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    Solved Cant add a lore in a gui [TuSKe]

    You need to include player in the line too. After "make gui slot 2", add "to player"
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    Another stupid bug I haven't found out how to fix

    Format slot only works in player's open inventories (aka GUI). To set a player's slot in their hotbar (or inside their player inventory), simply do set slot 0 of player to compass named "insert name here"