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  1. MRS777

    Solved Random ID's generator

  2. MRS777

    Number Sorting by RANDOMSK does not work

    Hi there, I'am running on Skript version 2.2-dev37 ( and my server is running on Spigot 1.12. All Skripts work like they used to in the old minecraft versions. :) But the number sorting effect by RANDOMSK (version 2.7.1) is not working...
  3. MRS777

    Solved Teleport to chunk

    Good afternoon everybody, I need some help with a chunk claim system. Chunks of players are gettin' saved in {Claim.ChunkList.%player%::*}. Now I want to create a GUI, so they can click on an item and get teleported to the chunk, they clicked on. .. I can't figure out, how to teleport to a...
  4. MRS777

    Solved Converting variables

    Good evening, currently I am only using a MySQL Database for ALL (.*) of my variables. Due to the needed time to load all my variables from the database, I'd like to switch over to CSV (file saving). Is there any chance, that I can convert all my mysql-variables over to a csv file or do you...
  5. MRS777

    Website / Reading variables with php

    Hey ya, is there any way to get the value of a variable with php? For example, I want to know whether the variable {test.test} is 'false' or 'true'. How do I query this with php? ( PS: The variables are all stored in a mysql database, so that it'd be easy to read them out) Other question: Is...