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  1. srxSaw

    Spring Framework with Spigot

    Hello I know that in this forum there are great professionals java, I tried to use the spring jdbc framework with spigot, I have tried with maven and importing the .jar within the project, attached links of the forums of spigot for more information, thank you very much beforehand using maven...
  2. srxSaw

    Script Border UHC

    srxSaw submitted a new resource: Border UHC - Owner ign: srxSaw Read more about this resource...
  3. srxSaw

    Script Border UHC 1.0

    DEPENDENCIES: - Skript 2.2 - SkQuery - WorldBorder EN: Hello, I would like you to take this resource as a great gift from my last projects with Skript is a good code well done and optimized for not lag, I wanted to share it with you because I really would not like you to die in a dustbin...
  4. srxSaw

    ScoreBoard responsive in 1.7.X

    Would be great for users who maintain 1.7, an addon of scoreboards that are powerful as Umbaska, the only thing that does not make Umbaska scoreboards the best is that they are limited to 14 characters per slot using simple scoreboard