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  1. master_of_pooms

    PVP Land Claiming Plugin

    now that i think about it you can just google it
  2. master_of_pooms

    Solved How to stop particles to bug

    I have no idea with particles so..
  3. master_of_pooms

    Strength Skript

    I didn’t read this carefully but it should be like loop amount of item in players hand
  4. master_of_pooms

    PVP Land Claiming Plugin

    I might be able to do it tonight
  5. master_of_pooms

    Please i need to use Skript variable in another plugin

    Yea. I don’t think skript had a functionality for this. If someone is looking, this is a suggestion for skript
  6. master_of_pooms

    SEND PACKET Open animation for chest

    Why are you doing this in Skript of all things. Just use Java. Wouldn’t you rather have 1 plugin instead of 4 + your skript.
  7. master_of_pooms

    load chunk

    Do this in Java or add a plugin for it. This is honestly beyond anyone here’s skript capability’s (maybe bae or Shane could do it)
  8. master_of_pooms

    Affecting fishing speed of a player

    I would not do this in skript…. Your gunna end up with 10 addons installed which I would rather have a plugin for it (or make my own plugin).
  9. master_of_pooms

    open inventory with 3 rows - Skript would not work

    I don’t use SkQuery and I find it a insult to human kind. The code you originally provided is skquery. And as I said, the code I gave was not tested and I’m sure it’s probably a indentation error that you can fix. If not send me the error so I can fix it
  10. master_of_pooms

    open inventory with 3 rows - Skript would not work

    Skquery guis suck………… Here’s a example about how to do a regular one: command /gui: trigger: open chest inventory with 3 rows named "&fExample GUI" to player wait 1 tick set slot 0 of player's current inventory to stone named "&7Stoney" with lore "&7Hi, My name is stoney!" on...
  11. master_of_pooms

    GUI Skript with buttons that execute commands

    Correct. For that example you need SkQuery. Aka the worst addon in the world that breaks everything. I would recommend this: on inventory click: if name of event-inventory is "my gui": cancel event This was not tested Then you could add this after canceling the event: if type of event-item...
  12. master_of_pooms

    Replacing not working

    For some reason replacing text is no longer working for me after updating my version of skript: on chat: replace all "bad" with "good" in message This does nothing.
  13. master_of_pooms

    Emoji skript not working

    on chat: replace all ":skull:" in message with ":emoji_skull:" It reloads with no errors but when I send :skull: it doesnt work
  14. master_of_pooms

    Solved Disable comments

  15. master_of_pooms

    Solved Disable comments

    Whenever I reload my skripts. I get spammed with comments saying that in the future I need to use player's uuid instead of username. I dont care about these. How do I remove them?
  16. master_of_pooms

    NBT blocking

    What would be more help would be how to disable saved hotbars entirely. Some way to detect that?
  17. master_of_pooms


    command /handshake [<player>]: permission: skript.handshake trigger: if arg-1 is set: send "&a %player% has sent you a handshake request" to arg-1 set {handshakerequest::%arg-1%} to player send "&a Request sent" wait 10 seconds if...
  18. master_of_pooms

    NBT blocking

    Earlier this evening, someone crashed my server with a item that had nbt where when you held it, the server crashed. Im wondering if there is a way to disable large nbt in skript or even disable saved hotbars all together. I would appreciate if someone could show me in the correct direction (Im...
  19. master_of_pooms

    Cosmetic detecting skript

    I host my minecraft server on, which forces a dumb cosmetic plugin onto your server. Is it possible to make a skript that detects if someone has is currently wearing a cosmetic and if so kick them
  20. master_of_pooms

    Solved Help in setting a random location between 2 cordinets

    You could do something like this: every 2 minutes: set {spawny} to a random number between -100 and 100 set {spawnx} to a random number between -100 and 100 set {spawnz} to a random number between -100 and 100 spawn 10 zombies at "%{spawnx}% %{spawny}% %{spawnz}%" Again, on my phone...