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    UUID->Username in %loop-value%

    Try parsing the uuid as a player. For exemple, if loop-index is a player's uuid, do (loop-index parsed as player)
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    Solved Need help with functions

    How do I delete a thread? I fixed what was here by myself but I don't know how to remove it
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    Solved Need Help With SkDragon Particles

    Thanks! Works like a charm!
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    Solved Need Help With SkDragon Particles

    Hey! So I've been trying to make a wand that shoots a fire beam that deals damage, I have everything right so far, excepty the part where SkDragon comes in, it doesn't give me any errors, there's just no particles no matter what SkDragon code I put on right click: if name of player's held...
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    Skript How to do a /killboss

    I'm trying to make a command to kill the boss I made and all of it's minions, it's name is &9&lBanished Soul and it's minions name is &3&lGhoul, they're all zombies, here's what I got so far, nothing works command /killboss: trigger: kill all zombies named "&9&lBanished Soul"...
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    Multishot Bow

    I'm trying to make a bow that can shoot normally, but when the player left clicks, it shoots three arrows, on straight, one 10 degrees to the left and the other 10 degrees to the right, I can't get anything to work, please help me.
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    Solved AoE attack not working

    It needed a bit of messing around to fix it but I managed to get it working using your skript, thanks a lot! Edit: It still damages people in safe zones like spawn, is there a way to fix that?
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    Solved AoE attack not working

    I am very new to skript and I've been making this server for fun, tho I ran into an issue: I want to make a wand that when the player holding it right clicks, it makes particles in an 8 block radius and damages all the other players while launching them in the air So far I have managed to do the...