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  1. bobsilowski

    Skript Commands not working

    I would but it's not specific to that and has always worked. It's something much bigger. A lot of commands are now unknown but not errors in console
  2. bobsilowski

    Skript Commands not working

    I have my skript files working successfully without errors but whenever I try and run the commands they return unknown command in game and no error in console just that I tried to run that command. I have tried disabling the plugin and reloading the skript but to no surprise it didn't work :(...
  3. bobsilowski

    Item generator skript

    For the basic level one gen you could do it like this: on load: add BLOCK_NAME to {gen1::*} add BLOCK_NAME_2 to {gen1::*} # And so on until you are happy with the gen 1 items then for the drop: on form of cobblestone: cancel event set {drop} to random element out of {gen1::*}...
  4. bobsilowski

    need a script for random

    on load: add "Game1" to {random::*} add "Game2" to {random::*} add "Game 3" to {random::*} # And so on and then: if in world "World": every 5 seconds: set {randomgame} to random element out of {random::*} execute console command "/broadcast Join {randomgame}"...
  5. bobsilowski

    VIXIO - Support

    Is there a skript that will check if a used command in a set channel is registered as a bot command and if its not it deletes the message?
  6. bobsilowski

    Kitpvp safezones and combat timer skript?

    I am trying to make a kitpvp server and was wondering how people could code a combat logger and pvp safe zones that pvp logged members can't go in during timer?
  7. bobsilowski

    Vixio skript not working

    Code is not working and I am not sure how to solve. The error is: '%{discord::%discord id of event-member%::username}% with event-bot' is not a valid item data discord command link [<text>]: prefixes: . trigger: if arg-1 is not set: reply with "Correct usage: .link...
  8. bobsilowski

    Help with my Vixio skript. Its not working

    I don't know what is not working but it says cannot understand condition: if %member% has the role %donator% discord command account: prefixes: . trigger: if {discord::%discord id of event-member%::username} is set: if %member% has the role %donator%...
  9. bobsilowski

    On eat of specific food - drop random item from set list

    Is it possible to make it so that the items have individual chance of dropping so its more luck based?
  10. bobsilowski

    On eat of specific food - drop random item from set list

    Thank you so much! I will check the code out later today!
  11. bobsilowski

    On eat of specific food - drop random item from set list

    Hi guys, I am trying to work out two things. 1. How to specify an on eat of COOKIE 2. How to make it drop a random item from a list of specific items (not all blocks)