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  1. Z

    Problem with Ore Skript

    So, I'm working on a skript where ores only spawn in caves aka if they're in a 2 block radius of an air block. I seem to hit a bump in my process. When I load it in, it says there are no errors, but for some reason, most ores still get replaced, even if they are within the air radius. Code: on...
  2. Z

    Crafting Recipe Help

    I did read his reply and changing how the recipe loads won’t change why it doesnt work. Also I was just wondering why it didn’t work. Is it wrong to do that? Also I never even closely implied that I was arrogant enough to think I got to choose what I want to work. It was a simple question that I...
  3. Z

    Crafting Recipe Help

    Took a break for a bit, but I'd still like to know why this doesn't work.
  4. Z

    Crafting Recipe Help

    So I'm having this problem, where I want to make a new crafting recipe for an iron pickaxe with slight changes, but keep the crafting recipe the same. It won't work, it just keeps crafting a regular iron pick. on place of crafting table: register new shaped recipe for iron pickaxe of...
  5. Z

    Item Damage

    How would I prevent items from burning in lava or fire? Here's what I have: on damage of entity: event-entity is item: damage was caused by burn: cancel the event I've gotten no errors from it either, and I can't find anything on it