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    Skript Obfucskator tool not working

    so today, i tried to download the Obfucskator tool ( but when i click to download, and i login it says SpigotMC - High Performance Minecraft - Error You do not have permission to view this page or perform this...
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    Disable coloun commands

    that is a previous thread i made...
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    Disable coloun commands

    I tried disabling : commands with this skript using SkBee but it does not work on tab complete: command contains "/" command does not contains " " clear completions
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    Disable : commands

    I tried this code with SkBee but it doesnt work on tab complete: command contains "/" command does not contains " " clear completions
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    Disable : commands

    Does it require any addons? i can use them if they are required
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    Disable : commands

    I would like to disable commands with : (/skript:sk), i know i can cancel the command when players run it but i also wanna disable the tab completion in skript but not using anything like blacklisters or whitelisters plugin because i want to do it in skript, i dont want to keep adding.
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    Get Luckperms values

    PermSK didnt work either. i might try again using PermsSK cuz it didnt work the first time command /grant <player> <text=default>: permission: nativeranks.grant permission message: &cYou do not have the required permissions to execute this command! trigger: set {_playerrank} to the...
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    SkQurey Permissions not working!

    I am trying to make a perms system using SkQureys Permission manager but its not working! i am using this at the top tho script options: $ use permissions
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    Spawn an Server-Sided Bot and NPC

    Hello, I am wondering how do i spawn a server sided bot (player that shows up in commands) and an NPC (that doesnt show up in commands( I think this is possible with Skript-reflect but idk how to do it I am doing this for a project
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    Get Luckperms values

    I am trying to change a player's luckperms rank and geting the rank name, player's rank, and the weight of the rank. sharpsk is not working for me, please help here is my code command /grant <player> <text=default>: permission: nativeranks.grant permission message: &cYou do not have the...
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    Change a player's nametag

    Hi. I would like to change a player's nametag (Without MundoSK or Tablinknu), I dont wanna use MundoSK or tablinknu because they are outdated
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    Is loop-command possible?

    What is it? Edit: I wanted to loop all commands so i can put every single command with a : in a variable
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    Is loop-command possible?

    Hey i was wondering if LOOP ALL COMMANDS is possible like every tick: loop all commands: code - blah blah blah