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    Spigot Plugin Development | Cheap & Quality Plugins

    So, do you want your own custom plugin for cheap? You've come to the right place! Read this whole thread before buying! Hi, I'm FireRoz an experienced Spigot Developer. Portfolio Github: Spigot page: My Discord...
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    its him trying to steal all credit. in reality shane bee is not a real java developer. he is a...

    its him trying to steal all credit. in reality shane bee is not a real java developer. he is a disguise all jokes aside i honestly dont know why its like that just ask him heres another joke: shane bee having conversations with himself, is this suppsoed to mean something?
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    Tablist Script

    Alright so I'm making a Skript only server (With addons and essentials obviously) so I always get this error trying to make a tablist script. People say it works but for me it doesn't Addons: SkRayFall, SkQuery. thanks
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    Action bar doesn't work

    idk what that means chief lol. im using latest version from bukkit
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    Action bar doesn't work

    well the way im using the actionbar requires tuske.
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    please help me i want players who have op to bypass this chat cooldown

    you need to first set the slowchat to it so like /slowchat 2 on my server. if you want staff not being able to change it (bad idea) use ONLY this code on chat: if player doesn't have permission "trainee": set {schat} to difference between {schat.%player%} and now # s chat represents the...
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    Action bar doesn't work

    well it doesn't work so ima give u info. skript version - latest skellet version - just realized its outdated, updating now.... god i sound like a computer. I updated it and i got the same error 04:19 PM [INFO] [TuSKe] Enabling TuSKe v1.8.2 04:19 PM [ERROR] Error occurred while enabling TuSKe...
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    Action bar doesn't work

    this is my script and it doesn't work? command /a: trigger: set {_a} to "&4&lHI" send actionbar "%{_a}%" to player
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    please help me i want players who have op to bypass this chat cooldown

    enjoy my script command /slowchat [<number>]: permission: mod trigger: if arg-1 is not set: send "&eUsage: &3/slowchat &f<duration in seconds or off>" if arg-1 is set: set {slowchat} to "%arg-1% seconds" parsed as timespan send "&aYou've set the slowchat mode...
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    Action bar doesn't work

    P.S no one uses the format for help, they use it for requests. i got used to it with people not using the format at this point so i dont use it as well XD.
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    Action bar doesn't work

    I have skellet and I did it like that Note: I want the action bar to appear until I tell it to disappear (modmode)send actionbar "a" to player And yes, I have the required addon (Skellet)
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    Solved Clans Skript

    i have no idea XD just name is closed or something
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    Action bar doesn't work

    Hey, I have tried everything in the docs, I've tried examples & I've went through threads. None of them work. i really hope someone can tell me how to make an action bar. Thank you Bump
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    Solved Clans Skript

    Put it in the requests forum. Here people are gonna help you, explain to you & edit your code in a way that will help. Not legit make your script
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    Help pvp skript (NEW)

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    Colored chat with HEX codes

    i got it &#00ff00 try that
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    Is it possible to shorten this?

    i dont understand anything of your code, please use what TehCheetah told you to.
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    Giving glowing item not working

    u have skquery?
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    On place event

    i would like to explain something. first of all, %region at player% is not a thing, it's %player's region% and another thing, you can't tell skript to do nothing, you need to set something. so if you want to tell it to do nothing, you'd simply add "stop". also, using "" doesn't work like that...