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  1. kamilleon

    NBT of Advanced Enchantments

    I tried that too, even trying to maybe "escape the quoation marks" like in java using \"
  2. kamilleon

    NBT of Advanced Enchantments

    So, i'm trying to read the value of a custom enchanted item from advanced enchantments with SkBee, but it always seems to return "<none>" Picture: Code: on armor change: if new armor item is any armor: set {_gov} to tag "ae_enchantment;godlyoverload" of nbt of new armor item...
  3. kamilleon

    Config.yml skript
  4. kamilleon

    Help me

    you know that no ones going to write a full skript for you, without you even trying to do it?
  5. kamilleon

    Help me

    remove the ( ) symbols from the items part
  6. kamilleon


    set {_l} to level efficiency of player's tool enchant player's tool with "efficiency %{_l}%" parsed as enchantment type
  7. kamilleon

    Solved give player item

    if player has enough space for 64 of dirt: give 64 of dirt to player else: drop 64 of dirt at player
  8. kamilleon

    Random block generator

    You need to set each block manually, there's no random block expression
  9. kamilleon

    anyone know how to fix this skript?

    on death: if attacker is a player: if attacker's health is 3 or below: apply regeneration 3 to attacker for 3 seconds
  10. kamilleon


    set {totalvotes} to size of {votisi::*}+size of {votino::*} set {_vn} to size of {votino::*} set {_vy} to size of {votisi::*} set {_votenopercent} to "%round(({_vn}*100)/{totalvotes})%%%" set {_voteyespercent} to "%round(({_vy}*100)/{totalvotes})%%%" send...
  11. kamilleon

    on armor equip/unequip bug

    already tried that, didn't work got it working with this: on armor equip: if event-item is any helmet: set {_slot} to 100 if event-item is any chestplate: set {_slot} to 101 if event-item is any leggings: set {_slot} to 102 if event-item is any boots...
  12. kamilleon

    Skript YML

    I'm pretty new to yaml, and I'd like to turn this list (there's more) into a skript variable like {bcmoney::first part of yml value, aka name here} and the value as an integer: Unify: 246 Amerika: 34 ryptYppYlee: 21 Johny_: 25 Ares: 85 KamillPlayZ: 68 jutefon: 13 simsala26: 55 Cles: 19...
  13. kamilleon

    on armor equip/unequip bug

    I'm trying to make something similar to hypixel's armor system on skyblock, but in skript it's a little buggy. When I try to equip and unequip the armor too fast (I mean like 3-4 cps is enough) It starts to add the value to the player's hp and defense continuously. on armor equip: if...
  14. kamilleon

    Execute certain things if the time..

    real time
  15. kamilleon

    Execute certain things if the time..

    Can you somehow do time checking in skript, for example if the time is 8 am, send a message? (Also automatically, so without a command)
  16. kamilleon


    I tried multiple things to get the superior skyblock api to work with skript mirror, but I couldn't. I would only need it to check if the player who executes the command is the leader of the island he is in team of. Any help? Plugin(Api)...
  17. kamilleon


    Hey! I'm trying to check with skript if a player is in a team, and if yes, he is the leader. But I don't know how to use apis, here is the link.
  18. kamilleon

    Solved Break certain blocks inside region

    Well, thanks for helping but I already made one which works when you wrote that.
  19. kamilleon

    Solved Break certain blocks inside region

    I'm trying to make an ore regen skript, but the ores would be inside a protected region. Theres two possible ways to do this, but for both I can't figure it out a, Get the x y z coordinates of the block, and make it to a string, then save it as a region, and allow the block break flag but...
  20. kamilleon

    Solved Redeem coins with right click

    It adds the amount to {érme::%player%}, but doesn't remove them from the inventory o, got it working on right click with gold nugget: if name of player's held item is "&e&lÉrme &7(Jobb Katt)": if player is sneaking: set {_érem} to amount of player's held item in...