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  1. RetroGamerSP

    A SkUnity Discord

    tbh i am honestly suprised at the fact that you dont have a community discord, they are simple to set-up and would make responses to help even more direct and quick, have a common problem? no need to clutter the forums with it when you can post on the discord and get a response much faster where...
  2. RetroGamerSP

    Solved Variables not updating

    Skript Version: 2.2 Skript Author: Me (i think this is what it means :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:) Minecraft Version:1.8.8 --- Full Code: #NovaKitPvP By RetroGamerSP on death of player: attacker is player: add 1 to {kills.%attacker%} add 1 to {deaths.%victim%} add...
  3. RetroGamerSP

    Solved Making skript choose a random block on the players y-co-ordinate that is air & in a radius of 10

    i have been trying to get this skript code working as intented for a while now it is meant to replace a random block in a radius of 10 of the player with a chest but only on the same y-level of the player, so if it fails to choose an air block on the same y-level as the player it should try...
  4. RetroGamerSP

    Solved Placing a chest with specified items in it

    Essentially i want to make a skript that when an item is used it will summon a chest in a 10 block radius of the player with pre specified items in it, when the items are taken out i need the chest to dissapear, currently i cannot find a way of doing any of the above could someone please help...