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    help get region corners pos 1 , pos 2

    @TPGamesNL That is awesome thank you can you add me on discord ammar#0012
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    help get region corners pos 1 , pos 2

    hello i just need help get the region corners pos 1 , pos 2 example region at block at event-block get the region name what i want is pos 2 of region at block at event-block its fine if using skript-mirror
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    Addon MundoSK

    hey i need help get Block id and locations or chunk And change the block id on packet event Play_Server_Multi_Block_Change:
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    Addon skript-holo

    it's very good add-on i love it but this is not working on hologram click: broadcast "%event-hologram%" it will say hologram to all the holograms and event-hologramline the same
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    Addon skript-mirror

    import: org.bukkit.event.player.PlayerItemBreakEvent on PlayerItemBreakEvent: broadcast "test" > [23:49:40 ERROR]: #!#! Stack trace: > [23:49:40 ERROR]: #!#! java.lang.NullPointerException > [23:49:40 ERROR]: #!#! at...
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    Addon Graphisk

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    API Rev Gui Manager - removed debug

    removed debug
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    API Rev Gui Manager 0.5

    Rev Gui Manager easy way to create gui multi action it's a small api i made cos i am bored i hobe you enjoy it Requirements Skript skript-mirror SkQuery Terms: You can not can not claim it as your own You can't edit the skript and upload it as yours You can't sell this resource or...
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    API Rev Gui Manager - fix bugs

    fix bug in item name
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    Addon skript-mirror

    is custom event {call/create} will be added or not ?
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    Addon Conquer

    hello im using SavageFactions set the power of the player to the player's maximum power is not working or send "%player's maximum power %" and how i can do this amount of Members in loop-player's faction hello sorry for the bad review but actually lot of syntax doesn't work and i can't...
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    Script [Deleted] delete

    ammar submitted a new resource: 【Rev Enchants Premium】Dusts ☫Tinkerer ☫ Gkits ☫ Scrolls ☫ Orb Enchant! ☜ custom Enchantmen - new way to get custom enchant cool features to your server Read more about this resource...
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    help MySQL ERROR

    hi help MySQL ERROR 24.01 22:49:03 [Server] ERROR database error: Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction 24.01 22:48:53 [Server] ERROR database error: Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction 24.01 22:48:43 [Server] ERROR database error...
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    need help Error skellett world

    12.01 21:40:07 [Server] ERROR #!#! and describe what you did before it happened and/or what you think caused the error. 12.01 21:40:07 [Server] ERROR #!#! If not please create a new ticket with a meaningful title, copy & paste this whole error into it, 12.01 21:40:07 [Server] ERROR #!#! and...