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    How would i reset the rotation of an itemframe?

    Server Version: git-Paper-441 (MC: 1.17.1) Skript Version: 2.6.3
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    Solved Grass wont drop custom items

    Thank you! that works (It was "short grass" if anyone else has the same problem)
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    Solved Grass wont drop custom items

    I want the seeds to drop from grass not grass blocks And yes I have tried grass
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    Solved Grass wont drop custom items

    The chance is set that high for testing. And I have tried grass, long grass, tall grass but none of them work
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    Solved Grass wont drop custom items

    on break of long grass, fern, large fern or tall grass: cancel drops chance of 100%: drop wheat seeds named "&aSeeds" at event-block The custom seeds are dropped when I break ferns, large ferns, and double tall grass. But nothing happens when I break normal grass. I've tried many...