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  1. Mattllama987

    Pickaxe max level check

    I have kind of a big question. Im also not sure of the best way to explain it. Im trying to make a pickaxe lvl system for each pick. When i mine blocks, the pick will have some xp added to it. But i want it where if i mine x amount of blocks, and get x amount of xp, the pick can lvl up. Im...
  2. Mattllama987

    Mining Progress Bar

    Yeah, i could do that. But im having a level system for every pick. Each pick would have their own level ups. I would have to use local variables. Im just a little confused on how i could get this to work
  3. Mattllama987

    Mining Progress Bar

    Hello everyone! I have a question. How can i get this to level up my pick after i mined 100 blocks? But each time it levels up the pick, the amount of blocks to mine would go up by x5 or something. Im a little confused on how i can do this. If anyone know how to do this, please let me know asap...
  4. Mattllama987

    Display a list stacked

    Hello, i have a question at lists. There isnt a whole lot to say. But how can i get a list to show the items in it stacked? Here is what i mean. Im trying to show my lists like this: dirt stone gold diamond When i display the list now, it looks like this: "dirt stone gold and diamond Im trying...
  5. Mattllama987

    Help with giving someone a block on they can interact

    Are you talking about something like this? command /specialstone: trigger: if player has permission "special.stone": give player 1 stone named "&aSpecial Stone" on place stone: if name of player's held item contains "&aSpecial Stone": set...
  6. Mattllama987

    Make player head face player

    I've tried to do something like that already. It just faces the same direction. I'm out of options haha bump
  7. Mattllama987

    Make player head face player

    Hello, i have a question about making a player head face a player. Im working on a heads storage system, and i spawn a mob head on top of crying obsidian when i place the obsidian down. When i place a chicken head storage, it spawns a chicken head on top of the block. But i want the head to be...
  8. Mattllama987

    Solved I need a /report skript

    Try this: command /report [<offlineplayer>] [<text>]: trigger: if arg-1 isn't set: send "&cYou need to pick a player, and the report!" if arg-1 is set: send "&c>>Report: &7You reported %arg-1%&7 for: &c%arg-2%" add arg-2 to...
  9. Mattllama987

    Full item stack doesn't add in inventory

    Its a little hard to explain whats happening. Im making a auto collecting hoppers, and there is a little bug with it. When i place down the collector, it will auto loop dropped items and add those items into the inventory of the event-block. But for a example. If i throw a stack of wheat on the...
  10. Mattllama987

    Solved I need a skript

    Not a problem! Glad i could help :)
  11. Mattllama987

    Solved I need a skript

    Try this: command /setspawn: trigger: if player has permission "spawn.set": set {spawn} to location of player send "&aYou have set the spawn!" command /spawn: trigger: teleport player to {spawn} send "&aYou have been teleported to spawn!"
  12. Mattllama987

    Solved I need a skript

    What do you mean by instant teleport and wait 5 seconds? Do you want the player to be instantly teleported to the spawn, or have it wait 5 seconds and then tp them?
  13. Mattllama987

    Solved crate animation

    Hello, im working on a crate animation, and its not doing what i want it to do. Im tying to get random items to float around my head. The items will spin around my head, and the items will change. Im having 2 issues with this. The items spin around my head too slow, and the items changing are...
  14. Mattllama987

    Solved Custom Tags wont work

    Hello, im having a little trouble on getting some tags to work. I have a command that i can use to add or remove tags from a player. It works. I can add a tag, and use the /tags command to bring up the menu that shows all the tags. It will be listed in there, with the correct name that i give...
  15. Mattllama987

    Solved +1 added when mine blocks

    works like a charm. Thank you! :)
  16. Mattllama987

    Solved +1 added when mine blocks

    Same thing. Only adds +1, and then wont add anymore.
  17. Mattllama987

    Solved +1 added when mine blocks

    Thank you for getting back with me! But that does the same thing. It adds only +1, and wont add anymore :/ this is the whole code: command /starterpick: trigger: give player a diamond pickaxe of unbreaking 50, efficiency 10 and fortune 5 named "&8[&b&lStarter Pickaxe&8]...
  18. Mattllama987

    Solved +1 added when mine blocks

    Hello everyone! I need a little help with something. It should be a fast easy problem. I want to be able to see how many blocks have been mined with each pickaxe. When i mine a block, it would add +1 to a variable, and then update the name of the players tool to the amount of blocks mined. Does...
  19. Mattllama987

    Machine wont shut off after i log off server

    Hello, im working on a machine that will add +1 to my rings while im online. Rings are my currency. But i have the machine do a few things. When you go afk, it will stop the machine. That works. When you come back from being afk, it turns on. That works. But when i log out of the server, i want...
  20. Mattllama987

    grow birch tree

    Not a whole lot to say. Why doesnt the tree grow? I tried with a oak tree, and it worked. Birch isnt working for me. If anyone knows what the problem might be, please let me know. Thanks! ~Matt options: birch: 1 function birch(block: block, stage: integer): if {_block} is birch...