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    Lava fishing

    Hey everyone, I was trying to add a form of lava fishing on my server and wondering if anyone has any ideas on how i could do this.
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    Custom weapons help

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    Custom weapons help

    Hello, this is my skript: on right click: if player's tool is iron sword named "&6Hyperion": set {explosion} to true create a fake explosion 1 meter above the player damage all entities in radius 7 of player by 50 wait 1 tick set {explosion} to false...
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    Boss HP updates

    tysm your a lifesaver!
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    Boss HP updates

    i tried just setting the name to “zombie name %health of last spawned entity%” but it just put the max health
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    Boss HP updates

    Hello, i have skripted a custom boss and i just wanted to know how i can display his health in his nametag. I tried some but it wouldent update. Thanks! command /rstbs: permission: op trigger: set {alive} to false every 1 second: if {alive} is false: spawn 1 adult...
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    [HELP] [SKRIPT] Mobs spawning within a radius randomly

    Hey so what i want is: every 10 secounds between 0 60 0 and 10 60 10 5 zombies spawn in random spots in that area If you can do anything to help please do so and reply anyway so it can get boosted <3
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    on right click on player

    just use a a shop plugin and citizens
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    on right click on player

    what are you trying to do
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    [Skript] [Request] Help with magic item

    hello i am working on a skript to make this item where a instant tnt spawns at the player and this is what i have the problems with: i need it to not do knockback OR damage to the player on right click: if colored name of player's tool is "&4Hyperion": if lore of player's tool is "&4Summon...
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    [Skript] [Request] Sword that explodes tnt on right click

    hello i need help with my skript i made. what i need is for it to not do damage to the player or knockback to player.