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  1. J

    Command execution on interaction of Right Click / F

    On right click: target block is [block] run [execute player command /putsomethinghere] should work... o_O
  2. J

    Random Spawning skript

    You might wanna add SkQuery or TuSke
  3. J

    Random Spawning skript

    No... i didnt find one, im looking for one...
  4. J

    Random Spawning skript

    Soo, i wondered if it would be possible that every 30 seconds; it spawns a random amount of mobs in a random place of an area... In here i wanna spawn a random amount of mobs between 5-10 in a random place in this specified area.... Would this be possible...
  5. J

    If a player is near a block?

    I dooont actually know... BUT: im guessing it goes a little like this: Every 1 minuite: if player is standing on diamond block: teleport player to <Coordinates> send "Congrats! You found the block!" (this is a wild guess BTW)
  6. J

    Please Help with this (Whitelist Skript)

    you could also just do /whitelist on ingame ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. J

    Player head click in gui?

    Jeg forstär at i gerne vil tale dansk her, men vær søde at tale engelsk her!
  8. J

    item to set a mob spawn area

    Please dont spam these threads, no offense but one post is enough... also, the code doesent exist; if you want it, you have to write it yourself! this code would be very complicated and NOT Fun or fast to make, unless you wanna spend Hours (im talking 20+ hours here) of coding i dont think youre...
  9. J

    Mob drops / mob spawns

    Np Man! but @LuckyMunch ! The part where you get money on kill of a mob should be able to be done like this: (not tested sorry) [Code:skript] On Death: If Victim is <Mob>: run [make console execute command /essentials money add <Sum>] (i think thats the command ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) [/Code:skript]
  10. J

    Mob drops / mob spawns

    i dont think so... i mean theoretically yes! but not really if you dont want to spend hours coding... i recommend you just put the coords in the skript, ill work better and save a LOT of time...
  11. J

    SkQuery GUI Not Wanting to cooperate...

    ok ill try that, thanks!
  12. J

    Discord + GD + MC...

    Please dont post this kind of stuff in skript sections, i know it includes skript; but this is more general and more Server-Side stuff...
  13. J

    Moving items in a Tuske GUI

    I think you can do that with SkQuery but not with Tuske :(
  14. J

    Mob drops / mob spawns

    It is, it will be quite complex tho. not the drop part, if all cercumstances are right... heres how you make a mob drop something custom: on death: if victim is [Mob]: Clear the drops chance of 50% set {_drop} to [item] named "[Name]" drop...
  15. J

    SkQuery GUI Not Wanting to cooperate...

    Hmm @Daniel Greer , mine doesent say that its tabbed incorrectly. mine says: "invalid line: all code has to be put into triggers", so its not the tabbing, thing is. it opens a GUI but it doesent have formatting... could you help? Do you have any other skript addons that could interfeer? if yes...
  16. J

    SkQuery GUI Not Wanting to cooperate...

    so i was making a GUI for my server wich lead to some errors... so i was trying to make someone rightclick on an npc (wich worked) to execute an command, thts the command i need help for! so here's the skript: command /Fisherman: trigger: open chest with 5 rows named...
  17. J

    skripting, as always....

    skripting, as always....
  18. J

    Events Help needed

    Thank you so much! it got the part with spectator mode working, but the title isnt showing... it didnt say any errors tho, do you have any idea how to fix this? oh wait just checked it out again and it works! Huge thank you!
  19. J

    Events Help needed

    Im trying to use the following skript on my minehut server: on player death: trigger: make player gamemode spectator wait 1 tick show title "You Died! Respawning in 3..." to player wait 10000000 ticks show title "You Died! Respawning in 2..." to player wait 10000000 ticks show title "You Died...
  20. J

    SkQuery Gui Help

    Hey, im making an gui with SkQuery and wanted to make specific items have an enchantglint without showing fx. "Sharpness 1" when you hover over it... Is there any way i can give it some kind of unshown enchantments?