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    My string is showing as "<none>"

    its still showing up as "<none>" thank you for replying tho.
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    My string is showing as "<none>"

    So I was making something to help the admins on the server I'm on and when everything works but the "suslist" command it shows up as <none> please help. command suslist: trigger: message "&6&lMagma&4&lLands &7&l>> &7Sus list: " message "%{_suslist::*}%" command susadd...
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    My Generator Skript Stopped Working?

    I've made this skript work before but when I tested this morning it didn't? Does anyone see anything that could help? variables: {_block1} = black glazed terracotta {_block2} = white glazed terracotta {_block3} = blue glazed terracotta {_range} = 20 #COAL GEN every 5 seconds...