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    Mob level script help

    I am looking to make a script that assigns mobs with a "Level". Then it assigns the mob a hologram, that displays the level. I am having trouble with de-assigning the hologram when the mob despawns/gets killed. Have a look for yourself. #goal: when a mob spawns, it assingns the mob a random...
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    Solved Help with making a moving gradient for a name.

    I am having a problem, {ticktime} and {_time} do not add together: function gradientify(t: text) :: text: set {_alphabet::*} to split {_t} by "" set {_message} to "" set {_e} to 0 loop {_alphabet::*}: add 1 to {_e} if {_e} is greater than 9: set {_e} to 1 set {_time}...
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    Solved Help with making a moving gradient for a name.

    Hello. I would like to have a rainbow-ish coloured name tag in my Minecraft server. For example, my name tag would be: WilliamPlays0402 0.5s later: WilliamPlays0402 0.5s later: WilliamPlays0402 etc.. This is what I've achieved so far: every 5 tick: add 1 to {60ticktime} if {60ticktime} is...
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    problem with a line

    Have you tried the code above? It should do what you are trying to achieve.
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    problem with a line

    The following code does not require any addons to skript. command /cmd: trigger: set {_g} to a new chest inventory with 3 row named "test" if {%player%_var} is 1: set slot 1 of {_g} to stone named "test 2" open {_g} to the player on inventory click: if name of...
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    Solved How to make a land claiming plugin with Skript

    on place: if event-block is diamond block: add event-block's location to {diamondclaimed_location::*} add player to {diamondclaimed_player::*} else: loop {diamondclaimed_location::*}: if distance between event-block and {diamondclaimed_location::*} is less than <radius>...
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    Making wands.

    I'm sorry, but unfortunately, I do not know how to do that. Wait for someone else to reply? -William
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    Solved While condition

    command /test: trigger: while {test} is greater than 0: execute console command "/say hi" To me it works?
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    Making wands.

    Try loop all entities in radius 10 around the player: damage loop-entity by <amount of damage in hearts>
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    Solved [SELF SOLVED] Help with Skungee.

    Hello everyone, I am having trouble setting up skungee. Does anyone have a tutorial, on how to set it up, or does anyone know a good, working, easy-to-use alternative? I am trying to make a bungeecord server with a server selector, to connect a player to a server - like hypixel. I suspect the...
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    Speed of the player

    How would this apply (I would like to see the player's real time velocity)? Here is some code that I could think of, but it does not work. command /speed: permission: op trigger: loop 20 times: set {_x} to player's x velocity / 4.37 set {_y} to player's y velocity / 4.37...
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    Speed of the player

    Hello, is it possible to find the current speed of the player, NOT THE SPEED MULTIPLYER, the current speed (eg 5m/s) Thanks Have you googled it: Yes Have you searched the forums: Yes Have you found the result: No.
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    How to make tnt only explode blocks from a list

    It did not work. Nothing broke.
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    How to make tnt only explode blocks from a list

    Hello, I am trying to make a simple bedwars script, but I would like to only be able to explode blocks from a list called "{blockplaced::*}". Everything except the tnt is working. This is what I have coded so far, but the tnt explodes ALL blocks: on explode: loop exploded blocks: if...