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  1. J

    Enchanted Armor

    How would i equip armor to a player with enchants?
  2. J

    Storable Inventory

    How would I create a Storable Inventory so I can store and remove items like a echest?
  3. J

    Storable Inventory

    How would I create a storable inventory that I can store and take items out...
  4. J

    Storable Inventory

    How do I store stuff in a chest Inventory instead of it disappearing. It should include, - Storable - Stealable
  5. J

    Chest Inventory

    How would I Create a Storable Chest Inventory??
  6. J


    Is there any event to effect someone when they are inside a cobweb not on just walking on it but inside it also.
  7. J

    Solved Remove Item just from Hand

    How do I Remove an item from the hand. It should remove the item in my hand not inventory on rightclick: player is holding a firework star remove regeneration from the player remove slowness from the player apply regeneration 1 to the player for 13 seconds apply slowness 1...