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  1. Xeterios

    1020250 is not greater than [[long:500]]

    When I try to use my custom made command, it works correctly, except it states that 1020250 is not greater than [[long:500]]. Skript file: command /durability: permission: permission message: &2&lM&a&lU &8» &7You don't have permission! trigger: set...
  2. Xeterios

    TokenEnchant Alias Command

    You can use plugins like MyCommand for that. You can also use commands.yml for custom aliases.
  3. Xeterios

    Solved Offline player head in GUI

    That fixed it! I had to change %player% to %arg-1% and that fixed the name. Thanks!
  4. Xeterios

    Solved Offline player head in GUI

    I made the following code: command /punish <offline player> [<text>]: permission: skript.ban.use permission message: &4&lERROR &8» &cYou do not have access to this command! trigger: if arg-1 is set: set {_p} to "%arg-1%" open chest with 4 rows named...