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  1. Sorbon

    Compass with blockdistance

    1. Go read the docs, everything u need is in there 2. 1.8 is not supported, so if the stuff in the docs don't work, we can't help Keywords which u wanna lookup; loop, Distance, compass target Functions;
  2. Sorbon


  3. Sorbon

    Cant recgonise the type and cant understand Event

    its location of %player% or %player%'s location if you put the player in a var, the 's stays the same drop {_player}'s held item at {_player}'s location ~ vector(0, 0.5, 0)
  4. Sorbon

    Command not existing?

    A good idea there would be to do a clean skript reinstall. Save your skripts /configs somewhere, and remove all skript files. And put a new skript.jar in the plugin folder IF that also didn't fix it, then please send Server version, plugin version, addons, and logs
  5. Sorbon

    Solved Daily Elytra Break

    set metadata "elytra_breakxxx" of attacker to metadata "elytra_breakxxx" of attacker + 1
  6. Sorbon

    ColorUtils 1.16+ (Skript 2.6)

    added multiple colors to gradient, can i have my tea now
  7. Sorbon

    ColorUtils 1.16+ (Skript 2.6)

    Set name of player's tool to rainbow(name of player's tool)
  8. Sorbon

    ColorUtils 1.16+ (Skript 2.6)

    Color Utils By Mr. Darth and Sorbon 12.11.2022 Bugfix MC 1.19.2 / Skript 2.6.3 Skript broky, here fixy You only need to update the Rainbow function ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This...