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  1. K

    Skyblock AntiAFK Mine

    So I am trying to make a skript that opens up a deluxe menu gui which would prevent players from afk mining on skript basically the way im trying to do it is if the player is standing still but im not so sure how to do this efficiently here's what I have right now: on mine: if event-block is...
  2. K

    Yet another request, this time I want pages

    ? is this what you are trying to do? command /tags [<text>]: trigger: if arg 1 is not set: message "&8&m-------&8[ &a&lTags Help&8 ]&m-------" message "&fCommand 1 &8- &7Description" message "&fCommand 2 &8- &7Description" message...
  3. K

    Solved As op not working

    As op is not apart of skutilities I dont have that as op works Thanks @TPGamesNL it worked
  4. K

    Solved As op not working

    I cant do run player command because the console is running the command not a player the player in the [<player>] needs to run the commands nbdtool give %arg 1% hoe lightning 1 nbdtool give %arg 1% hoe sand 1 nbdtool give %arg 1% pickaxe tray 1 because console cant run those commands because the...
  5. K

    Solved As op not working

    command /sgjsgiadgfha [<player>]: executable by: console trigger: make arg 1 execute command "nbdtool give %arg 1% hoe lightning 1" as op make arg 1 execute command "nbdtool give %arg 1% hoe sand 1" as op make arg 1 execute command "nbdtool give %arg 1% pickaxe...
  6. K

    Timezone Addon

    Hey im looking for an addon to be made or if anyone knows an addon like this. Basically I need an addon that can detect irl timezones and set to whatever timezone you want Examples If time is 12:00PM EST: %time% (Shows Time) The ability to basically do like idk how to word this but I need a...
  7. K

    How do you identify inventory name in a script?

    Just wondering how would I check for an inventory's name with the on store event? This is what I have: on store: if inventory name is "&b&lDiamond Chest": if event-item is not a diamond: cancel event send "&c&lYou can only store diamonds in this chest!" It...
  8. K

    PlayerPoints Skript Addon

    Can you alert me once you have added it?
  9. K

    PlayerPoints Skript Addon

    Category: Addon Suggested name: PlayerPointsSK What I want: I want a player points addon that you can use skript to take away points/add points etc. Ideas for commands: if player has more than or equal to 100 player points if player has less than 100 player points subtract 100 player points...
  10. K

    Can Skript Edit Plugin Configs?

    Can you provide an example code please?
  11. K

    Can Skript Edit Plugin Configs?

    I was wondering if it is possible for Skript to edit plugin configs if you know any ways of doing so please suggest me how it would be formatted as well.
  12. K

    Skript Player's balance/money bug

    Im using if player's money is more than or equal to 100000: and it doesnt seem to work when I reload it shows: "player's money is not an entity type" does the same thing with when I change money to balance Extra Information: I have Skript (v 2.1.2), WildSkript (v 1.8), SkQuery (v 3.21.4)...
  13. K

    loop items in a radius of 10

    Is there a way to loop items in like a radius of 10 or something there is loop all items but I want to do it like a radius around the player here is what I have so far: - on break of any ore: wait 5 seconds loop all dropped items in a raidus 10: delete loop-value - Is it possible...
  14. K

    Is it possible for console to run skript commands

    Whenever I try to run a Skript command in console it says unknown command is there a way to fix this? Am I doing something wrong? heres what I am trying to do: