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  1. danielkp1234

    Waiting for Limrglass to help me

    Waiting for Limrglass to help me
  2. danielkp1234

    Lava spawn

    Category: Lava place Suggested name: lava place What I want: when i place netherrack the spawns lava 3 blocks in front of player. and remove the blocks Ideas for commands: none Ideas for permissions: cake.cake When I'd like it by: this months
  3. danielkp1234

    saving kills from minecraft to mysql to website

    Skript Version: Skript 2.2 Fixes V8b Skript Author: i dont know Minecraft Version: craftbukkit 1.8.9 --- Full Code: Errors on Reload: no Console Errors: 3597: set {_r} to randomize "abcdefgh123456789!@##$+"') [16:42:40 WARN]: Den angivne...
  4. danielkp1234

    BuildBattle skript not working

    Skript Version: 2.2-Fixes-V8b Skript Author:bensku Minecraft Version:1.8.9 --- Full Code: Errors on Reload: none Console Errors: (if applicable) no Other Useful Info: i made a buildbattle skript and nothing happens when i do the command Addons using (including...
  5. danielkp1234

    Custom pets skript texturepack

    Category: Custom Pets with texture pack Suggested name: s What I want: i want a pet skript that can get a custom texture pack pet like a panda or cat Ideas for commands: /pet open a gui to select a pet Ideas for permissions: When I'd like it by: 2 month
  6. danielkp1234

    Error while reloading skript with worldguard

    hello i installed worldguard on my server when i do /sk reload all i get this error
  7. danielkp1234

    Flying Broom sick skript with 3d model 1.8.9

    Category: Flying Broom sick skript with 3d model and Texture Pack 1.8.9 Suggested name: Broom Sick What I want: i have a resource pack with a 3d model of a broom but can i make it so you can place it down and fly on it Ideas for commands: /broom gives you the broom Ideas for permissions: no...
  8. danielkp1234

    Flying Brooms skript

    Hello i want to make a skript where you can fly on a broom i found a 3d model with a broom it replaces iron horse armor someone help me so i can fly on the broom Category: Flying skript Suggested name: Broom Fly skript What I want: i can fly on a broom (texture pack iron horse armor)...