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  1. btk5h

    Addon skript-db

    btk5h updated skript-db with a new update entry: skript-db 0.2.0 Read the rest of this update entry...
  2. btk5h

    Addon skript-db - skript-db 0.2.0

    Add option for synchronous execution on other threads Add some warnings for misusing SQL injection protection Add connection lifespan option
  3. btk5h

    Addon skript-db

    This is an issue with Skript itself. A workaround for this may be added in the future.
  4. btk5h

    Addon skript-mirror

    btk5h updated skript-mirror with a new update entry: skript-mirror 0.19.1 Read the rest of this update entry...
  5. btk5h

    Addon skript-mirror - skript-mirror 0.19.1

    Fix varargs type resolution
  6. btk5h

    Addon skript-mirror - skript-mirror 0.19.0

    General internal code cleanup Add an opt-in consent system for enabling experimental features Allow custom property expressions to be non-single Fix syntax load order issues with other addons Add a more descriptive error when a return is used after a delay Add a way to delay parsing of lines...
  7. btk5h

    Solved Itemflags & skript-mirror

    Hiya, I replied to this issue on the skript-mirror issue tracker. The method resolver was recently cleaned up, fixing this bug in the process. It will be fixed in the next update, which should come out later today or tomorrow.
  8. btk5h

    Addon skript-mirror

    Instance usage? Yes, this has been mentioned in #91 No, that is outside the scope of this addon. You can already use ArrayLists with skript-mirror.
  9. btk5h

    Addon skript-mirror

    Hello! skript-mirror is an addon, meaning you run it alongside Skript. Just place it in your plugins folder like any other plugin and you'll have access to the features that skript-mirror adds.
  10. btk5h

    Addon skript-mirror - skript-mirror 0.18.0

    ⚠️ Breaking Changes Make reflection-based events use imported classes instead of strings Fix compatibility with other addons that add custom sections Use both codenames and user input patterns when looking up classinfos Allow specifying change types in expression changers (#53) Allow multiple...
  11. btk5h

    How to make an update checker with Reqn and github?

    You're going to want to use Github's REST v3 API and send a request to<username>/<repository>/releases/latest. Use skript-json to parse the response body, check if the version matches, and log a message if the versions don't match.
  12. btk5h

    Necessary expressions for addons

    It would be something like expression [the] hit block: get: return event.getHitBlock()
  13. btk5h

    Necessary expressions for addons

    Until it is added to Skript, you can get the hit block using skript-mirror on projectile hit: set {_hit block} to event.getHitBlock()
  14. btk5h

    Addon skript-mirror - skript-mirror 0.17.2

    Fix java calls not working in effect commands Fix type modifier handling in custom expressions Fix type pluralization in property expressions (#84)
  15. btk5h

    Addon skript-mirror - skript-mirror 0.17.1

    Fix an NPE when using java calls outside of scripts (#82)
  16. btk5h

    Addon skript-mirror - skript-mirror 0.17.0

    Add computed script options Fix issues related to unwrapping wrapped java objects (#72) Improve error messages (#74) Allow imported classes to be used in type descriptors (#77) Allow user input patterns to be used as types in custom syntax (#79)
  17. btk5h

    Addon skript-mirror

    Got it! This should be fixed in the next update.
  18. btk5h

    Addon skript-db

    Skript's functions expect your code to return without delays. skript-db delays your code until a response is returned to prevent your server from freezing. You can use skript-mirror's custom effects for this.
  19. btk5h

    Addon skript-mirror

    Working as intended. Optional expressions use their default value when omitted. You must prefix the type with - to mark it as nullable.
  20. btk5h

    Addon skript-db

    Are you getting any errors?