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  1. Ankoki

    Addon SkJade - SkJade - 1.4.3

    People think this addon is abandoned for some reason but i'm just working on a 2.0 so be patient with me pls ^^ Changelog 1.19.4 Support Teleport hologram effect which apparently didn't exist before? Very confused at how i got away with not having it.
  2. Ankoki

    Addon SkJade - SkJade - 1.4.2

    Supports 1.19, no new changes!
  3. Ankoki

    Addon SkJade - SkJade - 1.4.1

    Supports 1.18.2. No new changes!
  4. Ankoki

    Addon SkJade - SkJade - Version 1.4

    1.4 Release Changelog - You can now attach the end of a laser to a LivingEntity, using `attach %livingentity% to [the] end of %lasers%` - 1.18+ support. I've also tried to make sure that when updates happen that do break my shit, it doesn't stop you from being able to use the addon at all...
  5. Ankoki

    Addon SkJade - SkJade - 1.3.4

    Fixes a few bugs:) No new additions!
  6. Ankoki

    Solved cant change enchantment level

    on damage: set {_ench} to ("protection %{hardcorelevel}%" parsed as enchantment) set victim's helmet slot to diamond helmet of {_ench} something like this maybe?
  7. Ankoki

    Addon SkJade - SkJade - 1.3.3

    1.17.1 support
  8. Ankoki

    Addon SkJade - SkJade - 1.3.2

    Fixes a bug when enabling on 1.17 servers, fixed the condition is wet not working on 1.3.1 and added support to entities for the condition.
  9. Ankoki

    Addon SkJade - SkJade - 1.3.1

    SkJade has been updated with a fair few cool additions ! Changelog Lasers! You can now create guardian beams to go from one point to another. These can be stored with the points changed Contents of a hologram line. This should've already been in since day 1, however i didn't pay enough...
  10. Ankoki

    Text Grabber

    You could do most of these with Reqn as that supports web requests, SkJade has a syntax to get the text from a pastebin file, for example command /readpastebin <text>: #text being the id of the pastebin trigger: send the paste response from arg-1 with the dev key {@devKey} #the dev...
  11. Ankoki

    Mining Progress Bar

    This method you need to update, i'd suggest storing a variable to go into currentValue and increase that
  12. Ankoki

    Find the entity the player is looking at

    then use `player's target entity`
  13. Ankoki

    Addon SkJade - SkJade 1.3.0!

    Another release which brings new syntaxes and stuffs and fixes and stuffs and yay! Changelog - Image Lines expression (HolographicDisplays) - Hide Entity effect - World Border Centre expression - World Border Damage Amount expression - World Border Damage Buffer expression - World Border Size...
  14. Ankoki

    Addon SkJade - SkJade 1.2.0

    1.2.0 fixes bugs and brings more features! Various new shapes added (cone and torus(giant donut)) Bugs fixed, such as the NPE thrown with !{_bool} on unset variables and non-booleans. New hologram features, such as getting the ID of a hologram and adding multiple lines at once. New expression...
  15. Ankoki

    Addon SkJade - New Additions!

    This update just brings new effects, two new events, and a handful of expressions!
  16. Ankoki

    Solved Need help with TuSke GUI

    Glad to help c:
  17. Ankoki

    Solved Need help with TuSke GUI

    Doesn't seem like something you'll be able to fix yourself unless you can update Tuske (for the latest click here), if not i suggest switching to vanilla guis.
  18. Ankoki

    How to get the arguments of an "On command" event

    Its just %arguments%
  19. Ankoki

    Addon SkJade - Config!

    A config was added so that elements can be disabled if they clash with another add-on :D
  20. Ankoki

    Addon SkJade 1.4.3

    SkJade is a Skript add-on which provides custom syntax to your scripts! SkJade has a fair share of syntax on its own, but also has a good amount of plugins which it interacts with! SkJades key features are: The ability to create and read pastebins. The ability to use Holographic Displays in...