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  1. Skelax

    Script Token System

    Skelax submitted a new resource: Token System - very easy to use and fully customizable token system script! Read more about this resource...
  2. Skelax

    Script Token System 2.0.3

    Nice and simple tokey system to use, this script by itself is not much to use but this system is created for my future scripts, i plan on making custom mini-games or such and make a use of this token system. Check yours and other players balance Pay other players with tokens Give player...
  3. Skelax

    Giving items with lore

    So my problem is whenever i try to give an item to player with lore it doesn't work.. it sends me an error message that line # isn't correct. But i've used this line so many times and it worked before but now it doesn't.. This doesn't work: give player 1 magma cream named "&a&o%{_token}" with...