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    Message Change Skript

    So, essentially, I want my messages to be someone akin to this: "SandyVerse &8» %message%" But, when using this as a rough outline options: P: &6&lUHC &8 » on chat: set message to "{Player} &8» %message%" I get "SandyVerse: {Player} &8» (insert message). Any help?
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    How do I make clickable text?

    As in, say I run /team invite <player> and they receive the message "<player> invited you to their team! Type /team accept <player> or click here to accept" How would I make the "click here" text run a command?
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    Solved Timebomb Clear Drops

    Using this options: Perm: uhc.staff P: &8[&4TimeBomb&8] C: &b H: &f Excluded: Spawn Force: 10 command /TimeBomb <text>: permission: {@Perm} usage: /TimeBomb <On:Off> trigger: if arg-1 is "enable" or "on": set {TimeBomb} to true...
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    Staff Chat aliases

    Using this #This skript is made by DerpyBadger, feel free to change the Messages/Colours. Thanks for downloading! Make sure to leave a review ;) <3 xo command /sc <text>: usage: &cIncorrect usage. Try, /sc [Message] permission: skript.staffchat permission message: &cYou do not have...
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    Border shrink checker

    Category: Border Shrink Suggested name: Border Shrink What I want: Essentially, using the Minecraft vanilla 1.8 border, I want a /checkborder to see what the border would be at currently (down to the last block, preferably). Ex: The border is at 752x752, when I run /checkborder, it shows that...
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    Ban GUI help

    Using this code command /bangui <text>: permission: ban.gui usage: /bangui <player> trigger: open chest with 3 rows named "&4Ban GUI" to player format slot 0 of player with diamond named "&bXray" with lore "&aClick this to ban a player for Xray!" to run [make player...
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    Solved Killboard argument help

    Using this code command /killboard <text> <text>: permission: {@perms} trigger: if arg-1 is not set: message "&7&oPlease specify an argument!" message "&7&oEx: /killboard name SandyVerse" message "&7&oEx: /killboard add SandyVerse"...
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    Killboard argument help

    Using this code command /killboard <text> <text>: permission: {@perms} trigger: if arg-1 is not "add" or "remove" or "name" or "off": message "&7&oPlease specify an argument!" message "&7&oEx: /killboard name SandyVerse" message "&7&oEx...
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    I can't get out of my pause screen while using Optifine

    So, whenever I run Optifine or Labymod on a single player world or a server, I always get 0 fps and can't leave my pause screen, this happens with every version of Optifine. Help!
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    Solved Create World Skript error

    So, using this code options: P: &8[&bServer&8] command /createworld <integer>: permission: skript.op usage: /createworld <radius> trigger: if arg 1 is a number: execute console command "/mvdelete UHC" broadcast "&a%command sender% &7is deleting...
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    Helpop List Mutes

    So, going from the other problem I had about helpop mutes, I'm having a problem having a mute reason saved for a helpop list. ( Essentially, I want to see specific helpop mute reasons in /helpoplist. Could I have some help with this? bump
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    Solved Helpop Mute Skript

    How would I use this skript ( to add a helpop mute feature for a specific player? Ex: /helpopmute <player>: and /helpopunmute <player>. If someone could help me that'd be great, I have a rough outline on how I would do it, but what I'd do would just end up muting...
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    UHC Start Skript

    Category: Start/ PvP Suggested name: What I want: A UHC start Skript similar in actions like this ( but visually like this ( ( Ideas for commands: /uhcstart (Time until PvP) (TIme Until meetup after pvp)...
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    Registering an enchanted tool recipe

    How would I call for an enchanted tool recipe when registering one? Ex: register new crafting recipe for iron pickaxe of efficiency 3 with (input here). bump bump
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    Disabling Potions Via Brewing

    How would I disable certain poton brewing via not being able to brew it? (Ex: I put blaze powder into the brewing stand, and it won't let me, saying that strength is disabled)
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    Hotbar saves

    So I'm trying to have people use custom hotbars and to configure it themselves. This is what I have so far, and the hotbars won't save at all. Any help? What I have:
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    Extended Potions

    Is there a way I can block extended potions (from using the redstone). Could anyone help me out here?