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    Toast Addon

    I'd be willing to pay anyone $10 if you could get a simple form of this working in a small addon.
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    Fulcrum Addon

    So, Fulcrum is an API currently in the words, being created by a friend of mine, and it allows you to create custom items, blocks, gui's that isn't limited to the slots, you can remove the slots and add custom ones like a furnace or design a new interface. You can even manage resource packs and...
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    Toast Addon

    I understand, although I have seen plugins do this before. They used toast to display private messages, and I've worked with a friend who was working with toast to create different cool actions. I'm not sure how limited it, but i'll i'd want is to put custom messages, make them popup on an...
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    Toast Addon

    I'm looking for the ability to create and display toast notifications and control them. I was unable to find any Skript addon that could do this, and it would be really nice to see something like this functional for Skript. Toast notifications are the little popups in the corner of the screen...
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    Inventory Pages

    Category: Inventory Suggested name: Anything What I want: I recently had an idea of allowing the players to have more inventory space from a command, permissions or donation ranks. How it would work is just before your inventory is full, it'll spawn an item in the last slot which when pressed...