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    Setting variables to URLs

    Hello, I am trying to set my variable to a line on a webpage. This webpage is a .txt document on my website. for example, ?
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    Solved Set world spawn

    Probably for a bot to a specific location or something.
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    Is this possible?

    I am trying to make a bedwars server and i would like to use citizens for the npcs. It will only open the shopon right click of a villager. Is there any way to simulate a villager or spawn a villager and make the player right click it and then remove the villager.
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    [#5] Winners of Skript Challenge - Deobfuscator

    Oh so is it not possible?
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    [#5] Winners of Skript Challenge - Deobfuscator

    TonyMaster21 what skript addons are needed for that code? and what will it look like is it possible to do this with my domains (.com domains) to have it just have a placeholder saying version 1.0 if the slash is coretech/skript/hub/version/latest with Thanks, CoreTech
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    Is it posible to give players a potionm or display a potion in a gui?
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    Tags Skript Request

    did you end up making this? i would like to use this!